6 Useful Pinterest Overhaul Tips

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I recently did an overhaul of my Pinterest boards and wanted to share with you a few tips that may help you organize your Pinterest.

1. Create a visual list of your boards like I did in the photos below. That way you can via pen and paper figure out where you want to switch boards, add boards, or rename boards. It made my overhaul so much easier to do.

2. Make a list of the boards that need some work on like in the photo above.

3. Since your boards are seen in rows of five, have a theme going so they can flow together.

4. Don't avoid your Pinterest for too long like I did. Add the Pinterest button onto your internet search engine, that way it will be easier to pin things to your boards.

5. Building your pins on your boards is like working on a house. There is always something to work on so just do it little by little. Maybe post some pins for 20 minutes everyday to start with.

6. Share your board links on your blog posts if you have a blog. That way your readers could be introduced to your Pinterest and also may find some new inspiration from some of your boards.

A Vintage Nerd Vintage Blog Nerd Tips Pinterest Organization Tips Pinterest Tips
A Vintage Nerd Vintage Blog Nerd Tips Pinterest Organization Tips

I have finished reorganizing and renaming a few boards already. I also added a few new ones dedicated to WWI, the 1960's, and a few television shows. My next step in this overhaul process is to continue filling up my boards. I like having them teeming with inspirational photos.

What are some of your useful overhaul tips for Pinterest? Do you find inspiration on Pinterest? What are your favorite types of boards?

PS As I continue to work on placing my photos back into most of my posts I had a Pinterest button placed on each of my photos on the left hand corner. Feel free to share and pin whatever you like!

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  1. This sounds super.organized.
    Two thumbs up!


  2. These are great ideas! I like Pinterest theoretically, but I don't spend much time on the computer when I'm at home (as opposed to work), so I never remember to add anything to it! I need to make a little more time for it, because it's so helpful for organizing thoughts and inspirations and mood boards.

    1. Definitely for inspiration-I couldn't agree more! xox

  3. Wonderful tips! I love how easy it is to bulk move pins from one board to another now. I was thrilled when they introduced that feature a few months ago, as it's one I'd been saying should have been there from the get-go. I don't currently have a lot of pins to move, but when I was starting out in 2011, I began with just one food board but quickly realized I wanted to split it up in specific culinary related categories and manually moved over 900 pins one-by-one to my newly created boards.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Overhauling on Pinterest can be a big job. Thankfully now they have an option when you want to move pins you just click on each one and they do it for you. Phew! Makes it easier right? xox

  4. I seriously need to do this. My pinterest is a mess, which makes it about useless when actually trying to use each pin. I'll pin a bunch of stuff then forget that I pinned it or can't seem to find it again. It's an amazing website with so much potential and I'm just not using it to it's full advantage. Thanks for a little push in the right direction.

    She Knits in Pearls