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Pretty In Pink

Pretty in Pink. The iconic John Hughes film from 1986 about a girl who lives on the outskirts of preppytown, a boy who is living a privileged life, and her best friend named Duckie. It is about how Andie finds her footing in a world that deems her too different and too unique and the bonds she forms with those around her. It's really a magical tale.

For those of you who may have seen the film, did you know there was a book? Did you also know that the book contains the original ending of who Andi ends up with romantically? I have been wanting to read this and wanting to know the true ending for ages. I finally know and although I do recommend the book I know many of you would want to know how this tale was supposed to end.

Here it is:

Pretty In Pink
Pretty In Pink
Pretty In Pink
Pretty In Pink book
Pretty In Pink ending

The book , written by H.B. Gilmour, came out before the film but was based on the screenplay. Therefore, that is why it contains the original ending. The ending was changed because test audiences wanted Andie to be with Blane.

I've seen the films at different stages in my life but I can honestly say Molly Ringwald's portrayal of Andie was lacking the passion and creativity that the character was supposed to have. It may be due to the fact that Ringwald herself didn't want to do the role and she caved in as a favor for Hughes.

The original ending as you just read has Andie and Duckie embracing in a blur of pink. They end up together and they make so much more sense. Blane's world and life is just too far removed from hers and really, he was a punk. He had no guts, no courage to be himself, no passion at all which in my opinion made him a poor match for Andie. Duckie on the other hand was full of potential, drive, and a hunger for life that set him apart from Blane significantly.

In my humble opinion as much as I liked all the actors, Jon Cryer as Duckie is the only one that portrayed the character to its fullness. The others just leave you hanging a bit wondering, "is there more to them?"

What do you think about this little flash from the 80's past? Did you root for Duckie or for Blane? Have you read the book? If not, what did you think of the passages I just shared with you?


  1. I was so rooting for Duckie! Loved the book and the movie - 80s teen lit and films are the best. I could watch Pretty in Pink, The Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Weird Science, Karate Kid, Sixteen Candles, and all the rest of those epic classics time and time again and enjoy them all more with each viewing (or reading, where applicable).

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Thanks for sharing this ending! :) I'm a french student in France and it's very difficult to have this book here...



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