May Links To Love

by - May 31, 2015

A Vintage Nerd

Spring has come and gone in a flash! How disappointing. Even more so I didn't find a lot of interesting articles to read this month, did you? I did find a few, luckily. Twin Peaks, Mad Men, a naughty hotel for the Hollywood elite, and some amazing photos from yesteryear are among my finds.

Mad Men

Liza Minelli

Which article did you find the most interesting? What are your favorite sites to find interesting articles to read during the week?

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  1. Some lovely links, my favourite is the air hostess one. I have read Betty Riegel's book, it was a fascinating insight into her career and the golden days of air travel. Seeing those photographs was lovely as it brought her story to life. I also enjoyed the news about Twin Peaks, I wasn't born when it was first aired but I have recently been watching it and I am now about half way through. What a mad but captivating show! Thank you for these great links Daffny.

    1. Oh you welcome sweetie! Hahah yay you are watching Twin Peaks! Awesome! Wait til you watch the movie. Be prepared to have your mind blown! LOL xox

  2. Very cool links! I'll take a small(er) sized collection of highly fascinating ones over scads of run-of-the-mill stories anytime, and no matter the size of your Links to Love post, you always deliver there, dear gal.

    ♥ Jessica