Saturday, September 19, 2015

AVN Fall Fashion Picks With Boden


What I like about fashion is that it changes and grows and shifts according to ones current mood or stage in life. Lately I have been working on finding a happy medium between my everyday life and my vintage life. Boden is helping me to do that. Many of their pieces have a 1960's flare to them so there is a vintage aspect to their clothing that I couldn't help but gravitate to.

In my opinion, Boden's fashions are an investment for the long run. Their clothing is extremely well made as well as having a classic flare to them. So you could use these pieces for years and years to come. That is where I am fashion wise these days. I want pieces that have a vintage feel to them but also have a strong staying power in my closet. It doesn't mean I will ever stop wearing vintage but it does mean that I am opening my fashion palette a bit more.

The fall season is coming to New York soon and I have been eyeing a few pieces to add to my closet. I wanted to share with you some beautiful pieces by Boden that would make a killer addition to anyone's wardrobe.

Here are my fall fashion picks with Boden:
Boden Clothing
Cropped Cardigan//Red Cape//London Crossbody Bag//Tweed Blazer//London Shirt//Corduroy Skirt//Wideleg Jeans//Coatigan

Aren't these pieces so pretty? Which do you like best? I have a few of their cropped cardigans so I love those to bits. I think my favorite is a toss up between the cape and the tweed blazer. Those two pieces just make me drool!

Have you been finding your vintage fashion tastes shifting or evolving lately? In what ways? Are you also trying to find a happy medium between your everyday life and your vintage life? If so, how is that going for you?

Thursday, September 17, 2015

35 Classic Cinema Stars Final Films

Classic Film Stars Final Films

When you love movies as much as I do you tend to learn things the average movie goer may not know. One of those things is knowing what film was the last one for a classic film star. I knew about a few on this list but I wanted to learn more and share my findings with you. I find it interesting to know what was the last film for some of these iconic Old Hollywood stars.

For example, Edward G. Robinson's, final role in  Soylent Green. Towards the end of the film his character decides he is tired of living and enters a facility where he can be put to sleep in an ethical manner. In the scene where his character is saying goodbye to his friend, Edward actually tells Charlton Heston (his friend in the film) that he was indeed actually dying. The tears Charlton sheds in that scene are sincere as he realizes that soon he will lose his friend in real life.

Here is a list of  35 classic cinema stars and their final films:

Henry Fonda

Dorothy Lamour: Creepshow 2 (1987)

Edward G. Robinson: Soylent Green (1973)

Elvis Presley: Change of Habit (1969)

Lucille Ball: Stone Pillow (1985)

Rita Hayworth: The Wrath of God (1972)

Robert Mitchum: Pakten also known as Waiting for Sunset (1995)

Fred Astaire, Douglas Fairbanks Jr, and Melvyn Douglas: Ghost Story (1981)

Lauren Bacall: The Forger (2012)

Faye Wray: Dragstrip Riot (1958)

John Wayne: The Shootist (1976)

Henry Fonda: On Golden Pond (1981)

Audrey Hepburn: Always (1989)

Barbara Stanwyk: The Night Walker (1966)

Sydney Greenstreet: Malaya (1949)

John Garfield: He Ran All The Way (1951)

Lana Turner: Witches Brew (1980)

Joan Fontaine: The Witches (1966)

Ship of Fools

Robert Taylor: Where Angels Go, Trouble Follows (1968)

Spencer Tracy: Guess Who's Coming To Dinner (1967)

Clara Bow: Hoop-La (1933)

Louise Brooks: Overland Stage Riders (1938)

Jimmy Stewart: An American Tail: Fievel Goes West (1991) Voice Only

Clark Gable: The Misfits (1961)

Vivien Leigh: Ship of Fools (1965)

Grace Kelly: High Society (1956)

James Dean: Giant (1956)

Charles Boyer: A Matter of Time (1976)

Mary Pickford: Love Happy (1950)

Bette Davis: Wicked Stepmother (1989)

George Sanders: Psychomania (1976)

Mickey Rooney: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (2015)

Mary Astor: Hush...Hush, Sweet Charlotte (1964)

Natalie Wood: Brainstorm (1983)

Charlton Heston: My Father, Rua Alguem 5555 (2003)

James Cagney: Ragtime (1981)
Night Walker
Have you ever wondered what your favorite films stars last movies were? Are there any on this list that you found interesting? Would you like to know about more classic films stars and their last films? Which ones are you most curious about?

Monday, September 14, 2015

Classic Cinema Spotlight: The Flapper

When you get into watching classic films and then start reading more about Old Hollywood you tend to discover some forgotten stars that shined brightly in their day. Olive Thomas as one of them. All I knew of her at first was that she was silent film actress, she died young, and was married to Mary Pickford's brother.

I then began to look for films that she was in and I found this treasure on Netlflix. I can see why so many classic film aficionados adore Olive Thomas. There was just something special about the way she acted on screen. It was like she was floating on air.

The films is about a girl nicknamed Ginger whose behavior was becoming worrisome for her father so he sends her off to a boarding school. Its there that Ginger lands herself in more trouble as she tries to befriend an older, sophisticated man who lives near the school. It's in altering her appearance to be that of a flapper that she attempts to disguise her true age.

Olive Thomas

I know silent films can be an acquired taste but if you give them a chance they can really captivate you. The Flapper is a fun film that has a really sweet ending. Definitely worth watching.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

AVN Book Club: Swingin' Chicks of the 60's

A Vintage Nerd

Every vintage girl needs some sources of inspiration and information to help guide her through her journey. I hope my blog to be that for some but for many of us we look to books and the like to help lead us through our creative process when it comes to expressing our love for vintage.

Swingin' Chicks of the 60's can be that source for one who loves classic film, fashion, or simply just adores the 1960's. The 1960's is fascinating to me for so many reasons. One of them being that fashion went from demure and prim to funky and psychedelic all in ten years. I don't think I have seen so many changes in fashion then in the 60's. It makes perfect sense when you think about all the social changes that were happening in the world in particular here in the States. Change was in the air for those who lived in the 1960's.

In the midst of all this change came a massive influx of beauties who graced the big and small screens. There were also fashion icons as well as women who simply became symbols of this decade of love.

The book is filled with every woman from that decade who made an impact that one can think of. So many actresses today got their start in the 1960's like Goldie Hawn and Faye Dunaway. I love how colorful this book is as well as how informative it is. The information shared is fun and factual and not filled with gossip or drama. It really makes for a great guide for someone who wants to learn more about the 1960's.

Here is a little peak into this book:

Swingin' Chicks of the 60's
60s books
Swingin Chicks of the 60s
Women of the 1960's
60s Reading
Jane Fonda
60s Chicks
Katharine Ross
Catherine Deneuve
Jean Shrimpton
Honor Blackman

I found the book easy to read and loved the little tidbits of information at the bottom of each chicks page. I also really enjoyed Angie Dickinson's interview as the introduction to the book. Lots of fun.

Are there things about the 1960's that you like? What are they? What are your favorite 60's chicks?

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Getting Organized With

I'm not one to fall for the hype of things on social media but then I saw a photo of a really cute organizer floating around and it peaked my interest. I am a girl who likes to write lists, who needs lists to remember the fifty different tiny things I have to remember during the day. So after looking up that popular organizer I decided to make the investment and score one for myself.

I can say to you all right now that it was worth every cent! is this really cute online shop that sells cell phones cases, pens, notebooks, and other utterly adorable items. I always look at their site but I never bought anything until now. After getting this organizer I am hooked!

The organizer is hardcover and super thick. It covers some of 2015 all the way to 2017. It basically covers 17 months so this is an investment that will last you quite some time. Inside there are traditional calender pages, individual monthly pages, fun quotes, pages to write lists, a pink ribbon bookmark, a band to hold the book closed, even a sheet of stickers and a folder at the back.

This is every busy girls dream agenda come true. It really is meant to keep you organized but in a fun and creative way. Its very girly but also on point when it comes to things you need in order to remember things. This organizer will be my go-to book for the next 17 months. I am already having a blast filling it up with everything this blogger and mama of three kiddies (who are now all in school) needs to remember.

I am very busy
shop bando
Cool Organizer

Okay, admit it, isn't it just too cute! This agenda reminded me a bit of my high school agendas. I went to a all girls Catholic School and no pun intended but they were like our bibles. They had everything in it that we needed to get organized including a place to put our class schedules. I loved those and I bet you wouldn't be surprised to know I still have all four of them tucked away in a memory box in a closet.

What do you think of this organizer from Do you flourish having an organizer? Are you a list person?

P.S.  If you cannot get it through their online shop (link was shared above) you can also score it through Amazon.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Pop Culture Tuesdays: Decorate Your Cardigans With These

A Vintage Nerd

You may not know this already but I am a huge fan of brooches. I know when I wear my vintagey outfits and I place a brooch on my cardigan people look at it-then at me-then at it and most likely wonder why they heck am I wearing that on my sweater. I know for the younger folks brooches are so old fashioned but for those who appreciate vintage and old school ways, know how much fun brooches can be. Not to meniton how cute they are as well as a  great way to express yourself by wearing them.

I just love vintage brooches, handmade brooches, and fun ones like these Pop Culture brooches (Buffy Brooch seen above) that I am going to share with you today. It is one of my favorite accessories to wear with any type of outfit.

Pop Culture

Wonder Woman

Kate Gabrielle

Aren't these fun? Do you use brooches often? Are they your least or most favorite accessory? Are there other Pop Culture brooches out there that you love and would recommend?
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