Classic Cinema Spotlight: The Flapper

by - September 14, 2015

When you get into watching classic films and then start reading more about Old Hollywood you tend to discover some forgotten stars that shined brightly in their day. Olive Thomas as one of them. All I knew of her at first was that she was silent film actress, she died young, and was married to Mary Pickford's brother.

I then began to look for films that she was in and I found this treasure on Netlflix. I can see why so many classic film aficionados adore Olive Thomas. There was just something special about the way she acted on screen. It was like she was floating on air.

The films is about a girl nicknamed Ginger whose behavior was becoming worrisome for her father so he sends her off to a boarding school. Its there that Ginger lands herself in more trouble as she tries to befriend an older, sophisticated man who lives near the school. It's in altering her appearance to be that of a flapper that she attempts to disguise her true age.

Olive Thomas

I know silent films can be an acquired taste but if you give them a chance they can really captivate you. The Flapper is a fun film that has a really sweet ending. Definitely worth watching.

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  1. It sounds thoroughly lovely. Thank you for the great recommendation. I hope that Netflix continues to add more and more silent movies to their catalog as time goes on.

    ♥ Jessica