A Lovely Afternoon At The Manhattan Vintage Show

by - November 15, 2015

Last month I attended the Manhattan Vintage Show for the third time. This time I did something a little different. The night before I was torn on whether I should wear vintage from head to toe or just go with my vintagey look instead. I decided to go a little more comfy with my look but I did manage to wear this great 1960's blouse I scored on Etsy that comes with a bow tie! It's just so cute! I paired it with a scalloped cardigan from Anthropologie, my Gap jeans, Boden jean jacket, and my 60's hair. It was new for me to go to this event dressed this way but I was so much more comfortable.

I know other bloggers have covered this topic but I do sometimes feel very costumey wearing vintage head to toe. Blending modern vintage inspired pieces with authentic vintage pieces has made me a lot happier, a lot more comfy, and I feel more like myself.

Before I drove away to the event my hubby surprised me with my first Adele cd. I know I am late in discovering her but better late than never. We played her amazing music in the car drive into the city and I "sang" the whole way over. Poor hubby!

At the show, I mingled and spoke to a lot of great sellers. I passed out my blogs cards and collected theirs. I met so many nice people. I typically don't spend more than $40 dollars at a show. I don't know why, I just don't go in there hoping to buy everything I see. I am just happy to get to touch a vintage Dior or Chanel outfit. By the way, they are divine!

Here is a little look to my lovely afternoon at the Manhattan Vintage Show:

I tried on a few fabulous coats but I only scored some rings and a pair of earrings. They are Lucite and I feel like they will add just the right dash that I am looking for.

If you are ever in New York for a visit I really recommend going to this show. Its wonderful to be around so many passionate vintage sellers and seeing so many incredible vintage pieces in person. The show happens three times a year and I included a link at the beginning of this post. If you do ever visit here, I hope you go and if you have been to this event, how did you like it?

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  1. Delightful jewelry purchases. I really like the instant rainbow of pretty plastic pieces that you picked up in just one day.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. I really love that coat you look perfectly 60s

    retro rover