Fascinating Upcoming Period Films

by - November 11, 2015

A Vintage Nerd

Period films are my next favorite type of film next to classic films. I love seeing how modern film directors interpret other eras. I especially like looking at the masterpieces that so many set and costume designers create for a period film. Its like that little piece of time comes alive once again for all of us to see.

There are quite a few period films that are out now or are coming out within the next few months. Depending on what state or country you live in some of these may be in theaters already.

I'm eager to see quite a few of them in particular; Brooklyn, Suffragette, The Dressmaker, oh heck-who am I kidding. I want to see them all and if I can see them in the theater then great but if not with a little patience they will be available on the small screen in our own homes via Netflix or Cinema Now.

Here are a few to keep your eye out for:

Testament of Youth
Bridge of Spies
Tom Hiddleston
The Dressmaker

Have you seen any of these yet? If so, which ones? Do you highly recommend any of them? Many of them are based on true stories or based on a book, do you know of any of these stories? Have you read any of the books already? Let me know your thoughts!

I hope you all get to watch some of these soon and if I get the chance to see any of them I will definitely write up a review for you!

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  1. I've seen Suffragette and would highly recommend it to anyone whether they're into period films or not. It only scratches the surface of what women went through to get the right to vote and is a very special film that highlights this.
    I'm counting the days to when The Danish Girl is released here as I cannot wait to see it. The Dressmaker and I Saw The Light are also on the top of my 'to watch' list. They both look amazing.

  2. I hadn't heard anything about The Dressmaker, but that poster has me dying to know more about it! I also really want to see Brooklyn (love Saorsie Ronan) and The Danish Girl. It seems like a good year for period pieces.

  3. Oh, how I want to see most of these, especially The Dressmaker - Kate Winslet always kills it in period films.

    Wishing you a fantastic weekend!
    ♥ Jessica

  4. Daphne,
    I've seen the trailers for the up and coming films..and I'm ever so glad that the "industry" has decided to opt for more elegant style in making movies (sure, one needs some action movie every once in a while, but....).
    For me, my heart skipped a beat at new Kate Winslet movie... can't wait!