November Links To Love

by - November 30, 2015

To my surprise I have actually been looking forward to the winter months. I never do and I have no idea why I am now, but I think change can be good. This part of the world is at its final days of Autumn and prepping for the holiday season and I am honestly looking forward to it all. White Chocolate Mocha's never tasted better than in the colder months, in my opinion anyway.

Here I am to share with you my recent finds and I found some really good ones. I love reading articles about undiscovered or untouched homes that become these unintentional time capsules. I also am really digging vintage food articles just because they can be so entertaining. Every time I read one I can't help but wonder what those vintage recipes really tasted like. But overall, each one was real fun and informative to read. I hope you enjoy peaking at a few of these when you can.



I think my favorite finds were the 1960's secret affair and the classic tv history articles. Aside from the untouched homes and recipes of course.

What vintage reads have you discovered lately? Any of these peak your interest?

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  1. Jell-O salads have always been cool - and delicious in my books. It's neat to see them start to rise in mainstream popularity again.

    Thank you for another great round of links. I always majorly enjoy this post from you.

    Big hugs & happy weekend wishes,
    ♥ Jessica