Kate Spade: 25 Years in the Waiting

by - May 13, 2016

Kate Spade

I will never forget the day I discovered Kate Spade. I walked into my local Macy's store with one of my friends and went over the handbag section which is one of my favorite accessories. I don't remember the color or size of the handbag but I remember I was 15 and I remember being in awe of it. So much so that I vowed to someday own a Kate Spade handbag. Obviously at 15 years old I couldn't afford the handbag but I promised myself right then and there that someday I would.

Time passed and my tastes changed but I never forgot about Kate Spade. One of the things I love about vintage is how well made so many items seem to be. Vintage can be timeless and classic and to me that is something I love and admire. I know some may think that being a fan of vintage fashion is something that is just a fad but actually delving myself into vintage fashion has taught me a great deal about style. I find that in my specific style that owning classic pieces like Kate Spade will not only go well with any ensemble but also last me many years. Isn't that something we all love about vintage? How long lasting and beautifully unique it all seems to be?

Well, when my 40th birthday came rolling around in January I finally acquired my first piece of Kate Spade. My red cross body bag is just everything I thought it would be. Not only does Kate Spade have outstanding online sales but they package their items with incredible care. The attention to detail and coupon added to my order just made me feel like they really do pay attention to their customers. That is something you don't always find in modern shops today at all.

I was a fan of Kate Spade 25 years ago and 25 years later I am more a fan now than I ever thought I would be. I even scored a great sweatshirt from them. They sell handbags, clothes, jewelry, and housewares and all of it is just beautiful. Kate Spade was absolutely worth the wait. Classic, well-made pieces is what I am about these days and it fits the bill more than I expected.

Kate Spade
Kate Spade
Kate Spade
Kate Spade
Crown and Glory

What I wore:

Crazy Like a Fox Sweatshirt: Kate Spade
Black Cotton Skirt: eShakti
White Collared Blouse: Boden
Floral Headband: Crown and Glory
Red Crossbody Handbag: Kate Spade
Red Loop Earrings: Vintage

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  1. Oh i love kate spade too!! I am yet to obtain an item but on a recent trip to melbourne i was lucky enough to stop in on one of her stores and drink in the spring collection. ..kicking myself for not buying something! Thank god for online shopping. Love the look.

    1. Oh yay thank you Suzanne! Oh please do when you can! You won't regret it! Their pieces are classic and timeless and will go with anything you wear for years to come!!! Thanks for the comments love! xox