Mother's Day at The Met

by - June 02, 2016

This year's Mother's Day celebration was without a doubt a magical one. My little family outdid themselves. Its tough as you can imagine getting out and doing things with little kiddies but knowing it was mommy's day they really kicked their best behavior into high gear. That in itself was was a gift!

For my special day I got dolled up in my new Bernie Dexter dress. I figured since we were going to a museum might as well go with a theme outfit, right? Why not!

Let me just say Bernie's dresses are amazing. I mean it. They are so well made, comfy, pretty, and of course they have pockets. I am just in love with her Kelly dresses and I want them all. I think they flatter every type of figure. It also comes with the zipper at the front and a coordinating belt which I think is a great plus.

I paired up my fantastic dress with jewelry gifted to me by my husband from Kate Spade, a cardigan, headband, and a vintage purse. I love this outfit. It is now one of my favorites and look forward to wearing it again soon.

We began our day driving  into the city early in the morning and had a lovely breakfast at The Lexington Candy Shop followed by a few hours spent looking at some spectacular pieces of art via The Metropolitan Museum of Art. You can see more of both places from a recent post HERE. The Met is one of my favorite places in New York. I have been going there on my own since I was fifteen and to me its a place of good memories and boundless beauty.

We then ended our day heading back to the candy shop and having ice cream malts which the kids went bonkers for. I cannot blame them, they were so yummy. Its such a cozy and affordable place to eat in and not to mention the old fashioned ambiance. Those three things combined are heavenly to me. The children loved it so much they cannot wait to go back.

Bernie Dexter
Vintage Handbags
Kate Spade
Bernie Dexter
Cell Phone Case
Lexington Candy Shop
Bernie Dexter
The Met
Audrey Hepburn
Kate Spade

My mother's day was enjoyable from beginning to end. I'm so grateful to my family for putting so much care into my day. I also glad I am able to share my day with you as well.

What I wore:
Cropped Cardigan: Gap Outlet
Jewelry: Kate Spade
Handbag: Vintage
Headband: Etsy

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  1. What an incredibly lovely day and outfit. That really is the perfect novelty print frock to wear to the MET. It warms my heart to know that you guys had such a fun, fabulous Mother's Day.

    xoxo ♥ Jessica

  2. love the bernie dexter dress