I Will Stand With You

by - August 29, 2017


This year my husband and I celebrated our twelve year wedding anniversary. They say time goes quickly when you're having fun but I think it also seems to go by when you're super busy. Being parents to three young kids has been the best and most exhausting thing we have ever done with our lives. Everyday they remind us of the commitment we made twelve years ago. Good stuff I think.

We decided to head into the city to check out an exhibit on WWI since it is the bicentennial this year. I may just do a post about it just so you can see the neat things we did on this day. The exhibit was held at the New York Historical Society which is located right near the American Museum of Natural History in Manhattan. Its a beautiful location and right across the street is Central Park.

We took the kids along with us of course and did a mini photo shoot of us that I shared on my Instagram, courtesy of our daughter who took the photo. Afterwards we took some quick photos of me and headed to our museum adventure. Ironically I wasn't feel too fabulous because my body has changed so much in the past year that it sort of took me by surprise. But I have to say what I wore was so comfy that I put all that aside and had a blast with my four favorite people.

I can honestly say nothing makes me feel more beautiful than when I am with my family. They love me just as I am and I am reminded daily of it. I loved this whole look and you will probably see me sporting pieces of it here and there as the fall comes rolling in New York. My favorite piece was the skirt. I don't care how huge my derriere looks in it, by golly its so pretty and comfortable that I completely forgot about it. Thats the beauty of fashion isn't? When you wear something you love that looks great on you and feels good on you, you can put aside all your silly feelings of insecurity and enjoy being in the moment.

What a great day it was for us. I felt grateful for the day we had and lucky to be a New Yorker.  But most importantly I felt lucky that I got to share this with my husband and children and now I get to share it with all of you!

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Outfit: Marvelously Midi Denim Skirt from Modcloth, Promise Philosophy "I will stand with you" T-shirt from Modcloth, Red belt from Vivien of Holloway, Bunny Purse from Pepaloves, Sunglasses from the Loft, Bracelets are Vintage 1960's 

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  1. as always you look fabulous. so beautiful that you had a family day.x suzanne