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by - September 30, 2017

A Vintage Nerd

I have great news to share with you all! I am now a proud furmama to not one, but two adorable kittens! We began this process about three weeks ago. I called the hospital where my Sophie was a patient and they informed me that they had two kittens from a litter of five still available. Something in my heart told me that they were meant for me and after a few visits and bumps in the road, they are finally home and finally mine.

I cannot tell you how this makes me feel. Sophie was my first cat and I never thought I would want to adopt again let alone two kittens. But Sophie taught me how much love I had to give and showed me that animal companionship is indeed good for my soul.

So I would like to formally introduce you all to Audie Murphy Laurito and Millie Audrey Laurito, born on June 7th, 2017. They are both very different but so sweet. My family is now a family of seven! I cannot tell you how full my heart feels.

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 Outfit: Bernie Dexter Red Kittens Kelly Dress, Grey Cardigan from Old Navy, Grey beret from Forever 21, Heart Earrings are Vintage, and Lipstick from Kandee Johnson Collection

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  1. Oh, they're both so cute! And your outfit is the cat's meow! (sorry couldn't help it :) )

    1. Lol you're so cute! Thank you hun! xox

  2. How wonderful! I don't think my life could ever feel complete without cats. I have two as well, they are almost seven years old now! How the time flies.