4 Fun Ways To Wear a Scarf

by - October 22, 2017

"Tis the season for Fall jackets and scarves. One of my favorite accessories for the fall is a long scarf. Not the knitted kind, which I save for the winter weather, but the cotton sort that can be easily wrapped around your neck for warmth yet light enough not to make you sweat under all your fall layers.

I thought I would share with you four fun ways that you can wear a scarf. These are four easy peasy ways to accessorize and bring some character to your outfit.

1. Drape delicately over one shoulder
2. Place over your neck and take one side and toss it over your shoulder
3. Fold in half, place over your shoulder, put the loose ends side threw the hole of the opposite side to create a knot
4. Drape over your neck and let it hang loose

Th use of scarves has been in vogue throughout the fashion of the last century. Tied around the neck, used as a headband, covering hair during wartime, or even used like a shawl. Sometimes wearing vintage can be as simple as wearing an accessory in a vintage manner to accentuate your outfit.

Outfit: Jean Jacket and Jeans from Boden, Vintage 1960's Red Beret Hat, 
Black Turtleneck from JCrew, New York Themed Scarf from Old Navy


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  1. Im obsessed with scarves...they can make and outfit go from drab to fab...ibwear mostly black and grey so i use scarves as my pop of colour

    1. That is sooo true and multi uses for them too!! xox