Joe Bonomo: How To Become Lovelier AFTER Forty

by - January 23, 2018

Joe Bonomo

I first discovered Joe Bonomo accidentally while scouring the internet for vintage magazines and Dell purse books. Bonomo was an American strongman, stuntman, and actor who in 1943 used his success and fame to publish a slew of miniature books focusing on lifestyle, health, and beauty. 

The books were so popular that stay stayed in print for over thirty years. Nowadays you can find on online on eBay and Etsy and if you are lucky you can find a boxset which usually contains 12 mini books. I own a boxset and one of my favorite mini books is How to Become Lovelier After Forty. Now that I will be embarking into my second year of my forties I find things like this book inspiring, insightful, and even sometimes humorous.

I wanted to share with you some of Bonomo's wisdom for the ladies heading to their forties or already knee deep into other decades. Even though the information found in this book is over seventy years old, I found most of it still applicable and really quant to read. I hope you like looking through these pages!

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