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There really isn't anything better than staying cozy and warm in the winter. I don't know about you but I don't fair well with extreme heat so staying warm is key for me during the winter. That means lots of hot tea, thick fluffy blankets, and warm coats. 

When it's super cold outside and I am picking up my children I usually wear my trusty puffer coat. Its not very fashionable but its reliable. When I go out its a different story. I like to add a bit of pizzaz to my outfit and on cold winter days that is always a challenge. How do you dress warmly and still add a bit of vintage to your look?

There are two ways to go about it; authentically vintage coats or vintage inspired coats. I own three vintage coats but lately I have been looking for some vintage inspired coats. Any purchase I make from clothing for myself or for my children, home decor, gifts, etc are made with a lot of thought into it. When I buy an article of clothing I ask myself these 3 questions:

  1. How many times will I wear this?
  2. Does it go well with my color palette/style?
  3. Is it worth the price?
Typically if all the answers are yes then I wait for sales and search for coupons. When I saw this beauty on Modcloth and I knew I had to try and score. I want to say thank you to all of you on my Instagram who voted on whether or not I should buy it. Your input was invaluable.

This coat is known as a wrap coat but they are also known as robe or trench coats. They have been in style for decades. I have seen photos of them as early as the 1940's so I knew this would be a great vintage inspired piece to have in my winter wardrobe. I have never had a wrap coat before let alone wear one but I can say I am happily surprised on how incredibly comfortable this style of coat is. It is definitely more of a casual style of coat which is always great to have.

What questions do you ask yourself before you make a purchase? Do you prefer vintage coats or vintage inspired? Or do you like to have a blend of both in your closet like I do?

A Vintage Nerd Plus Size Fashion Modcloth Style
A Vintage Nerd NY Blogger Retro Fashion Modcloth Plaid Coat
A Vintage Nerd Vintage Blogger Retro Fashion Inspiration
A Vintage Nerd Retro Fashion Blogger Modcloth Coat Vintage Winter Fashion
A Vintage Nerd Retro Winter Fashion Inspiration Modcloth Cat Sweater
A Vintage Nerd Vintage Style Retro Fashion Inspiration Modcloth Coat
A Vintage Nerd Modcloth Retro Winter Coat Plus Size Fashion
A Vintage Nerd Winter Retro Fashion Inspiration Smashbox Red Lipstick
A Vintage Nerd Vintage Fashion Inspiration Modcloth Plaid Coat Plus Size Fashion
Outfit: Belted Plaid Coat with Wide Collar from Modcloth, Cat Knit Sweater from Modcloth, Blue Jeans/White Collared Shirt from Boden, Crossbody Bag from The Cambridge Satchel Company , Red Knit Hat/Scarf/Mittens from N'Ice Caps


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  1. Love that coat. I cannot wait until winter i have a leopard print fo fur coat that i just love.