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When I first heard of Scotty Bowers I had two thoughts that came into my mind. First, can his stories all be true? Secondly, Why share these salacious stories with the world at large? I had to see this documentary to see what all the fuss was about. Was he sharing these stories for profit or just sharing them because they at last needed to be shared? I believe that was the theme of the film but what was so neat is that it really was left up to you, the audience, to decide for yourself.

Scotty Bowers was born George Albert "ScottyBowers on July 1, 1923. An all-American boy who joined the Marines and fought in WWII. After the war he decided not to return to his small town in Illinois and find a place for himself in California. It is in 1946 when he is working at a gas station that he forges a career in sex that would lead him to not only pimping others but also delving into the underbelly of Old Hollywood where one's sexual preferences were something intensely private. Careers would crumble in an instant if the truth of some of our most beloved golden screened actors and actresses were made public.

The lifestyle that Scotty pursued may not sound as shocking to some today but in the 1940's it was. And so I was naturally intrigued to see a documentary about a man who lived a life that would have never been understood or accepted during his lifetime. How does a guy from small-town, U.S.A. go from WWII hero to gas station prostitution? Better still, how does he fall into the laps of Hollywood's most elite actors and actresses? If he wasn't sleeping with Lana Turner or Walter Pidgeon he was setting them up with young men and women who could service them.

Many have doubted and questioned the claims that Scotty has made but after watching this documentary I was able to appreciate the type of person he seemed to be and decided to take everything with a grain of salt. They could easily be lies or exaggerations but I found that he not only sticks to his stories (or experiences) but he also has a slew of people who are willing to vouch for him. I think if you love Old Hollywood as much as I do and if you find people as fascinating as I do then you really must give this documentary a go. Be aware that Scotty is unabashedly himself and he does not hold back even at the age of 95. There are some scenes that can be viewed as raunchy but keep in mind that his story is about life, sex, and secrets.

Have you heard of Scotty Bowers or this documentary? Have you read his book called Full Service: My Adventures in Hollywood and the Secret Sex Live of the Stars?

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