Vintage Teen: Young Miss Magazine 1966

I think vintage magazines hold a huge source of information not only that was useful then but could be useful even in today's modern climate. Young Miss Magazine is an American teen magazine that began in 1932 and stayed in publication for 72 years. I actually read this magazine in the 80's and 90's when it was called YM magazine. Having some issues of teen magazines meant the world to me because they were my source for information and inspiration. Kids today have had easy access to information in ways my teen self would have loved to have but happily found in teen magazines instead.

As I embark on this adventure as a newly christened mom of a 13 year I find myself wanting to look back at vintage teen magazines as a reminder of what it meant and means to be a teen. Of course so much has changed since 1966 like when this issue was printed or the time when I was a teen. But I think there are some things that remain the same for teens no matter what decade they lived in. Teens look for guidance, advice, fashion inspiration, dating tips, and ways to learn how to build their confidence.

This November 1966 issue of Young Miss Magazine included health tips, recipes, inspirational stories, fashion inspiration, an interview with a model who shares her makeup tips, and what shows are on television. The pages are filled with teen inspiration that just brings me straight back to those years. I love being able to look back at these pages and remember my own teen years and the things that were important me then. What teen magazines did you read when you were a teen?

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