The Twilight Zone Inspiration: A Penny for Your Thoughts

Sometimes we can forget to be thankful for the little things in our lives. We can get caught up with day-to-day activities and being grateful ends up staying in the back of our minds. A Penny for Your Thoughts (1961) is one of the episodes where you watch a character realize their worth and learn to be thankful for all the things they have instead of just living their life in a droll manner.

It's an ordinary day for Hector B. Poole when on his way to work Hector throws a coin into open box to pay for a newspaper but the coin lands on its edge. Not thinking anything of it he goes about his day except he begins to hear peoples thoughts. He hears strangers secrets and his coworkers deepest desires. Listening to peoples thoughts makes Hector realizes that this is a lot more than he can handle. Eventually he decides to use his new found gift for the greater good and lands himself a new job, a girlfriend, and a more positive outlook on his life.

On his way home he passes by the same newsstand to purchase another paper and he inadvertently knocks down the coin he previously tossed earlier in the day. Hector realizes the gift of being able to listen to other peoples thoughts is gone but knows that he is better man without it. Because of this experience Hector becomes aware and thankful of all the good things that were always around him.

Rod Serling ends this episode with saying, "One time in a million, a coin will land on its edge, but all it takes to knock it over is a vagrant breeze, a vibration, or a slight blow. Hector B. Poole, a human coin, on edge for a brief time - in the Twilight Zone."

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