Be Inspired: Find Inspiration and Express It

It's most likely with winter or summer where you are. One extreme weather or another. The holidays are in full swing, the pandemic continues to roll out its fury, and you might be feeling stuck. Sucky weather, holiday stresses, and limited access to "normality" can make any one of us cranky, depressed, or creatively stunted. I have personally felt it all. My four walls albeit cozy and warm have been my constant here at AVN HQ. My days are filled with the same things on repeat; housework, kids school work, and keeping everyone in a good frame of mind. 

And what am I doing for myself you may ask? The need for creativity for a creative person is like the need for a clean, fresh cup of water on any given day. You need it and it needs you. So in the midst of it all my go-to creativity tip is to look for inspiration everywhere. Look at the movie you just watched, look at Pinterest, look at some magazines, but don't stop looking.

Here I am in the middle of a bad weather day. It has been raining a lot here in New York and in the middle of school lessons I dolled up and went outside by my house and striked a pose. Why? Aren't I tired, unmotivated, or feeling drained. Of course I am but to keep myself going and my creative juices flowing despite not being able to attend events or traipse around Manhattan, sometimes you just need to grab hold of that inspiration and express it.

And express it is exactly what I did. With the holidays all around us the color red is a popular color choice when it comes to fashion. A few years into blogging I found my love for this color to run deeper than I though it could and now I wear it year round. One of my favorite color combinations is red and blue. It's classic and they are my two favorite colors. I was inspired by some 1970's photos I came across on my PINTEREST of jumper dresses. 

Comfy and cute is a must when I put together an outfit and this one checked all the boxes. I paired my blue corduroy jumper dress with a striped turtleneck top and a 1970's red knitted cape. I could have painted the town red with this outfit and I might just do that one day. Until then although I am not a big fan of getting dolled up without a purpose, I think in these special circumstances we should do exactly that. 

If fashion is your jam then doll up whenever you can. It doesn't matter that no one will see you. Just do it. Look for inspiration all over the place and grab hold of the things that make you feel good. In these trying times if a cute outfit and some red lipstick will make you feel better than you did the day before. Go for it. I have been doing this as much as I possibly can because not only do I want to bring you vintage fashion inspiration but I want to inspire myself as well. We all need some pick-me-ups so why not put on a cute top and red beret next time you run errands. It just might make you feel yourself again which we all need.

Outfit: Blue Corduroy Jumper from Modcloth, Striped Turtleneck from
 J Crew, and Vintage 1970's Red Knitted Cape.

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