The 6 Steps I'm Taking To Become a Film Historian

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What on earth could this tower of books and dvd's be? I feel lucky that through my blog I have been able to explore Old Hollywood and my personal style for ten years now. But I would like to bring my studies up a notch. 

My days are filled to the rim with housework and mommy work and lots of tending to my health because of my disability. And although my lifestyle is never boring, it is very demanding. Which is why I am so grateful that my blog has given me the opportunity to keep creative and delve into things I love without taking away from my everyday life. 

Simply put, one day I want to be a film historian and an author.  I figure as my children get older I will have more time, opportunity, and help so that I could go back to school and get a degree in film history. Until then I thought I could take my passion for film and explore it on a deeper level on my own through A Vintage Nerd blog. I am taking my education into my own hands.

As you can imagine I will be writing more film reviews and book reviews in the months and years ahead because delving deeper into Old Hollywood is what makes me the happiest. It has always been the foundation of my blog. I will continue to do personal style outfit posts, inspirational posts, and general vintage themed posts, but I will also take a deeper dive into the world of classic film.

What are the things that make you happiest? Have you even known a film historian before? 

Here are my 6 steps to becoming a film historian:

1. Make a list of films you want to see. Keep yourself open to films you think you might not enjoy. Add silent films, various types of genres, and international films as well. 

2. Watch those films. Write about them on a blog, social media, or down on paper.

3. Find a classic film group to join. You can find them on social media, through a blog or website. This way you can interact with others who enjoy classic films as much as you. 

4. Make a list of actors and actresses you'd like to know more about. 

5. Research all the books that were written by the actors and actresses you're interested in. 

6. Make a list of autobiographies and biographies to give yourself a chance to get to know the actors or actresses from the viewpoint of themselves and others. 

7. Take your time watching the films and reading the books. Writing things down about what you watched and read will help you remember. Talking about what you watched and read will help you filter out ideas, thoughts, and feelings about what you learned. All of these steps will take you closer to becoming a film historian.

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  1. I absolutely LOVE this! And look forward to seeing your process on social media!


    1. Thank you so much for your support Janey! xox


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