Decorating Your Wrists With Vintage

The wrist. A largely ignored part of the body that at times we may forget to decorate. Many of us wear earrings or a necklace, perhaps even a watch. But we may forget that the wrist can be a place where many a beautiful bauble can rest upon.

There is such a wide range of goodies that one can obtain within the realm of Etsy, Ebay, Yard Sales, Vintage Fairs, Antique Malls, and Thrift Shops. All you have to do is keep your eyes open and your wrists free so you can try them all on! Like anything else I find it is best when you can try on the bracelets in person but if you know the measurements of your wrists then you should be able to shop just fine via the internet.

Aside from silver or gold styled bracelets, there are also carved, jeweled, or beaded bracelets. There are also two types of vintage plastic name Lucite and Bakelite. Lucite is the weakest type while Bakelite is the sturdiest. I only own one Bakelite bracelet for now but have been focusing my eyes on Moonglow!

Both Moonglow and Lucite are the most affordable compared to Bakelite. I love how colorful the Moonglow's are and have never spent more than ten dollars for a bracelet. I have a few Lucite but I think that will be my next type of bracelet to acquire more of.

When you begin collecting more wrist decor, I highly suggest that you aim to collect all sorts of colors. A big addition to any wardrobe or particular outfit is accessories. I feel like if you let say have a variety of colors of bracelets (earrings, brooches, etc) then you can create more versatile outfits and even make the simplest looking outfit look dazzling with fabulous accessories.

I don't think bracelets are for everyone. Some may find it uncomfortable or cumbersome to wear, but they are worth trying out and seeing if it is something you would like to add to your wardrobe (Vintage or Not). Good luck on decorating your wrists! If you already have a collection of wrist baubles, what types of bracelets are your favorite and why?

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  1. Omg your moonglow collection is amazing!! ♡♡

  2. I love the carved ones, especially the white one. I don't wear bangles that often because they get in the way with the kids. So more frequently I wear chain link bracelets. The down side of them is that sometimes they can catch on your clothing, especially knitted items. I don't really have much truly vintage jewelry but I have a neat gold plated link bracelet that was my mom's from the fifties.

  3. I LOVE moonglow! It's so gorgeous! I found an amaze-balls moonglow necklace at Goodwill the other day for a buck! But your collection is beautiful!
    ~xoxo, CoriLynn


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