50 Years of Doctor Who

Some of you may or may not know but I am a huge fan of Doctor Who. I think there are many different types of fans, some are hardcore, some into cosplay, some are fan girls....I think since I am such a story driven person, I am one of the types of fans that loves the show because it is so incredibly well written. I don't think it hurts that it also tends to include a multitude of categories that are included in story telling such as, drama, horror, action, adventure, romance, and comedy. And not to mention that every story is epic in one way or another. I am also a huge fan of epic stories.

Today the world celebrated 50 years of Doctor Who. Many shows don't last a season let alone 50 years so I think it is commendable that it has endured the changing times; disco, mohawks, cell phones, and everything else in between that has happened in the past 50 years!

In honor of today I decided to do an impromptu photo shoot. I used my Doctor #9 sonic screwdriver and my souvenir magazine that my friend sent me from the U.K. as my props. I wore my 1950's Tardis blue dress, the same one I wore for my photo shoot this past summer. I accessories it with a simple black cardigan, black gloves, a pair of crystal shaped earrings (not seen sadly in the photos but very pretty), and my moonglow bracelets.

I also would love to share with you some past posts from my previous blog that are based on DW. I was doing a special series that included my favorite episodes from each "new" season and a coordinating outfit based on a character. I think I will like to continue that series. Not necessarily just DW but other shows and films. It makes dressing up so much more fun. What do you think?

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  1. It truly is incredible that Dr. Who has been on for five whole decades. I wonder, are there many other shows (baring various news broadcasts) claim the same thing or anywhere near it? I know that Sesame Street has been on for 44 years and that The Tonight show started way back in 1954, but there really aren't many programs that go past 10 years, let alone 25 or anywhere near 50. Here's to the hope that many more decades of Dr. Who will continue to made for you and countless other fans the world over to enjoy.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. That dress is perfect as a vintage tardis outfit :) Love it! I love it when a show run for so long you can use it as a study of how fashions and styles change. Things like Friends are fun enough, but I was watching some 70s doctor who recently and when a show has run that long you can see how styles come back in and out of fashion again. If it goes for another 50 years!

  3. How much cuter could you be???
    ~xoxo, CoriLynn


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