10 Lessons Learned By Watching The Twilight Zone: Part II

Today I am continuing on with the 10 Lessons Learned By Watching The Twilight Zone.

Here I give you five more delightful lessons from the inner depths of your wildest imagination....

The Trouble with Templeton (1960): A man yearns for those he loved from years past and finds her present day existence to be dismal.

Lesson Learned: Sometimes it is hard to say goodbye to the things and people you loved but they are not gone forever. So instead of dwelling on what you can no longer have, find some joy in what you do have.

Hocus-Pocus and Frisby (1962): Somerset Frisby has a history of telling tall tales.

Lesson Learned: If you keep telling lies, one day when you decided to tell the truth, no one will believe you!

Number 12 Looks Just Like You (1964): In a futuristic society, young adults go through a transformation in order to keep harmony.

Lesson Learned: It's important to stand by your personal beliefs and not allow anyone to deter you from them no matter how much you want to fit in.

Night Call (1964): An old woman gets phone calls from beyond the grave.

Lesson Learned: It's important to keep yourself open to the impossible and if you pass it up it may never return again!

The Masks (1964): A dying man invites his rotten family for one last night together.

Lesson Learned: The sort of person you are on the inside ALWAYS shows on the outside no matter how much you try to hide who you really are.

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  1. Very true about the dangers of lying to the point where no one believes you when you tell the truth (sadly, I've known a couple of people like that before). That's the classic tale of The Little Boy Who Cried Wolf at work for you there big time!

    ♥ Jessica

  2. These are all great :) You need lessons learned from the Night Gallery next LOL

  3. Hahah omg yes Night Gallery....gahhh that is why I adore you so Rachel!!!! xox


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