Remembering Juanita Moore

When the clock struck twelve this year we instantly went into the year 2014 and then hung our new calendars to mark the event. But on January 1st we lost another beloved classic film star by the name of Juanita Moore.

Her name my not be as well known as her other counterparts but the role she played in the history of classic film will forever be remembered through her numerous roles. She made her film debut in 1949 and acted well into the new century. But it was her role as Annie Johnson who was a housekeeper and mother of a daughter who could pass for white that won her the most praise in the film industry.

You can read more about the film Imitation of Life (1959) here and if you haven't seen it, please do. Moore's performance as Annie is moving and unforgetable. She won a nomination for that film for best supporting actress as well as a Golden Globe nomination, both which I believe she should have won.

She lived a full and seemingly happy life, married to her husband Charles for 50 years and passing away at the age of 99. Go gentle into the night, sweet lady.

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  1. What a heartbreaking shame. She was such a beautiful lady. I'm really sorry to hear about her passing. Sadly, before we know it, there won't be any more stars of her generation left with us. Thankfully though their work and spirits can live on through those like us who celebrate and preserve classic Hollywood everyday.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. I love that movie! I'm a big Douglas Sirk fan. Thanks for this one!

  3. Thank you ladies! 99 is amazing but yes, soon we will have no more. I think thats why its imp to hold on to it all and learn and teach the younger generations so we never forget!!! xox


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