30 Years of Remembering

I like to believe that all little girl start out the same as most little girls. She was filled with wonder and curiosity and dreams. Oh my are we filled with dreams. Most of us love pretty things and if the pretty things sparkly then we defiantly love it.

What happens to that little girl if her dreams don't come true or wilder still...what if they do? What if they come true but they cannot stay to see it til fruition. I am a big believer in dreams. Whatever they may be-I believe that we all should strive to make some or all of them come true. I feel like its in our human makeup to strive and search and look and see and grab and love.

This little girl above, I don't know what all of her dreams were but one of her biggest dreams was to become a mother. And that she did...twice! She had a son in 1972 and a daughter in 1976. She doted on them and disciplined them (one did not mess with her) and spoiled them. Not one hair was left unattended to or unloved. She took great pains to dress them nice and match them. She took their education seriously and instilled her  passion for reading into them. She cooked deliciously meals for them, took care of their birthdays, and protected them from those who tried to hurt them. This little girl grew up to be one tough cookie.

I didn't expect to feel today as I did but I'm glad I felt something. Sometimes after so many years we assume some things won't affect us or mean anything to us. But on a day like today, 30 years after my mother's passing I am happy that I felt connected to her. I am also happy that I know that all she wanted out of life was to be a mother and that I was a part of that dream.

I know I am very lucky to have been so wanted. Not only was I wanted but I was adored. Knowledge of those two facts have really  helped shaped my life and the person I am today. That which she gifted me I get to gift to my children. Today I feel blessed.

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  1. You lost her very young- but how lovely to have such knowledge and the memories that you do! And to have a Dad who played mother and father to you for so long!

  2. As you are describing the many attributes of your mother, I can't but help see them all in you. You may not have had her as long as you wish, but she is in you in all ways and will continue on to your children and grandchildren one day. :)

  3. This endlessly heartwarming, poignant post brought tears to my eyes, dear Daffny. Thank you for sharing the beautiful memory of your dear mother with us.

    ♥ Jessica

  4. What a beautiful tribute! Your mom is beautiful and it is reflected in you!

  5. Thank you ladies. Your words of kindness and comfort means a great deal to me!!! HUGS!

  6. A very moving tribute. Wonderful to see images of you and your mother. I'm sure she'd be very proud of you:)

  7. Such a great heartfelt tribute to your mother. I dont think the loss of a parent ever truly goes away, especially when they were a great parent like yours. Hugs


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