Must See TV: 1960's Shows: Part Three

I hope you have enjoyed my series on Must See TV: 1960's Shows. These were only twelve out of a huge amount of shows that aired during the 1960's. I didn't even mention The Patty Duke Show or The Flying Nun or Gunsmoke or Bonanza. But I promise I will spotlight more in the future!

This group of shows leaned toward the world of sci-fi. Some have had a huge impact like Star Trek and some a smaller impact like My Favorite Martian. Either way they are all fun and great shows.

My Favorite Martian ran from 1963-1966, the majority of the episodes were filmed in black and white. A martian (Ray Walston) from Mars lands in Los Angeles and Tim (Bill Bixby), a young newspaper reporter finds him and gives him shelter in his home. Tim renames the martian Uncle Martian and they attempt to keep his secret from prying eyes. This show was viewed as a science fiction comedy and differed from other shows of the era because it relied on the main character using science and technology to get out of precarious situations.

My Favorite Martian Information:

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Lost In Space aired from 1965-1968 following the adventures of the Robinson family as they get...well....lost in space. This show was defiantly ahead of its time. The evil Dr. Smith would often put the family in danger and the show focused on their survival and how they handled those challenges while in space. It stars June Lockhart of Lassie fame and Jonathon Harris.

Lost In Space Information:

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The original series of Star Trek which is the one I grew up with ran from 1966-1969. This show has truly changed the way people today view science, sci-fi, and exploring new worlds. Gene Roddenberry was a genius. Filled with a cast that was the first multi-cultural cast on tv to that point, actress who had roles in which their characters were brave, strong, and smart, and let's not forget the first interracial kiss seen on television. Roddenberry created a whole where people were equal in every way even while wearing their sexy mini skirt uniforms (I mean it was the 60s). He changed television forever. And yes, I am a trekkie!

Star Trek Information:
Star Trek Site

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The Outer Limits was set up very similarly to The Twilight Zone in that it was an anthology of stories. Many of these stories ended with a twist and a big difference between the two shows was that The Outer Limits has a greater emphasis on science. It ran from 1963-1965 and included a whole lot of amazing guests stars in their episodes. If you love The Twilight Zone, then The Outer Limits is a must see!

The Outer Limits Information:

You can purchase the entire dvd collection HERE. I hope you enjoyed this three part series and I hope to bring more must see tv to you soon.

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  1. The only one of these I have never seen is My favourite martian LOL In fact, I think that is also the only one we don't have the DVDs of too LOL Of course, Star Trek was my favourite, but I have always loved The Outer Limits :)

  2. My Favorite Martian was such a great show! I wish they'd rerun it more often. I haven't seen it on a Canadian or US channel that's broadcast up here since I was a kid.

    This is such a fun post series, dear Daffny. Great job on it!

    ♥ Jessica

  3. I love Star Trek! Massive Trekkie over here.

  4. My inner Geek loved this post! Watched all of these!! Hehe!
    ~xoxo, CoriLynn


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