5 Best Scenes From Sidney Poitier Films

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Sidney Poitier is one of my favorite film actors. I just simply adore the roles he choose to play in particular during the 1960's. And let's not forget how swoon worthy he is too!

Every film has a scene that is memorable, even the not-so-fabulous sort of films.

Here are five Sidney Poitier films and the most memorable scenes from each:

   Lilies of the Field (1963)
Sidney Poitier

The scene where Homer leads the nuns to singing "Amen". At some point he gets up and walks out, packs his car and drives off. Mother Maria is seen listening carefully knowing that Homer has done his job and driven off into the night. Poitier singing is delightful and that moment so poignant.

   A Patch of Blue (1965)
A Patch of Blue

I couldn't help myself with this film, there are so many scenes that just moved me but I think although this post is about five best scenes, the photo with the oranges is a bonus one. That scene where Selina is picking oranges to put in a brown bag for Gordon actually makes me giggle. I say this because almost all of the oranges fell down and Poitier's expression on his face is classic!

The second one where Gordon and Selina have lunch together in his apartment and she shares with him how she was raped was telling of the sort of life this poor girl has lived and Gordon is moved, angered, and disgusted that those things have happened to her.

Sidney Poitier

When Dr. John Wayde Prentice comes into the Drayton household and informs them that he loves their daughter (she is white) and that he is going to marry her, all hell is done broke loose (something Tillie-the maid said).

As the day progress and John and Christina await to hear whether or not her parents approve of their interracial marriage, John's parents make it over to the house as well. It is there that John and his father have what some may call a "heart-to-heart" where they tell one another how they really feel about the topic of color. My favorite part is when John tells his father, "But you think of yourself as a colored man. I think of myself as a man." I find that to be a powerful line. Two different generations of men, trying to see eye to eye on a subject that has never been before either of them in their lifetimes. That scene is something else!

     To Sir, With Love (1967)
Sidney Poitier

Simply my favorite teacher movie ever. I think every scene is a delight. And Sidney Poitier in England...just divine in my book!

When Sir discovers a disgusting prank that the teens did in his classroom, he tells them to get it out. He is angry but doesn't yell which surprises the kids. He then returns to the teachers lounge and purges his anger at one of his coworkers. In doing so he realizes the way he really has to approach them, not like children but like young adults and help them prepare for adulthood/the workforce.

Afterwards he opens up to them about life and living and allows them to ask questions and they begin to finally THINK!

The scene that people forget exists. Sidney Poitier character, Mr. Tibbs out right slapping a white man in Mississippi during the racially explosive 1960's. Can we say wowzer??!! It is an unforgettable scene about a black man who refuses to be treated disrespectfully by anyone. His character of Mr. Tibbs carries himself with such grace that even the sheriff is changed by knowing him.

There you have it! Five best scenes from Sidney Poitier films. He is quite an actor and truly paved the way for more people of color (from all cultures) to display their talents on the big screen.

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  1. In the Heat of the Night is favourite of Mr. Poitier's films. It's the first I remember seeing, which no doubt plays a roll, but I think it would remain as such no matter which order I'd seen (those of his movies that I have watched so far) in. It always sends a shiver down my spine just thinking about how powerfully he delivered certain lines, such as the classic "They call me Mister Tibbs!" in that film.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. I love this post, cause I love Sidney Poitier!! Wowzer is right for any of his roles!
    PS.. can you tell I'm catching up? HA! My son has been sick, so this has been one of my first free moments and I homed in on you!! Stalker style! ;) hahaha!

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  4. I'm dying to find out the name of the movie when Sidney Poitier walks into a diner in I think the Deep South and the bartender says,"we don't serve your kind here", in which Poitier replies,"that's good, I wasn't going to order any". he eventually orders a chicken, and a red neck sitting next to him says,"whatever you do to that chicken, I'm going to do to you." Sidney picks up the chicken and kisses it on the ass.


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