Vintage New York: The Great Blizzard of 1947

Back on Christmas Day, 1947 a blizzard hit New York. It came without prediction and was said to be the worst blizzard after the one that hit New York in 1888. Automobiles and buses were stranded in the streets, subway services halted, and parked cars were buried in the snow.

But like typical New Yorkers are, they made the best of it. Many were stranded in homes of relatives and which I am sure just made the holiday festivities extra special. Here in New York we have a tendency to take something horrible and make it something memorable. There is no denying New Yorkers are troopers.

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  1. Very true! I've never been to New York myself, but as an outsider, that's one of the strongest perceptions of the city that I have as well (that the locals are great at coming together and making the best of a bad situation).

    ♥ Jessica

  2. What wonderful photographs, never thought of a blizzard as being this romantic! I'm kind of surprised at the seemingly bare legs (perhaps stockinged legs) ladies have under their coats and galoshes. Thanks for this great glimpse into the past!

  3. So glad you ladies enjoyed them! xox

  4. These photo's are awesome!!! Thank you for sharing!!


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