5 Ways To Add A Little Vintage In Your Home

How many of you have found it challenging to add a little vintage in your home? How many of you have a spouse/partner that isn't so keen on having "old stuff" around the house? Adding vintage decor to my home has been a double challenge for me for two reasons; my husband only likes vintage if its brand new-basically retro things and I have three small children. I am sure you all know how tricky it is to keep little hands and fingers out of things. While I have been redecorating my house I found a few simple ways to add some vintage as well as compromising with my two challenges.

FIRST-frames.The walls are a great place to add something vintage or retro without it getting in the way of children. I created a wall collage in my bedroom of women I admire. I scored the frames at Century 21 for less than $10 dollars each and I found the photos on Ebay from various sellers which cost $3.99 a piece. Hanging photos on the walls brings both warmth and helps to express your personal likes, beliefs, hobbies, etc.

SECOND-are hats. Hats are tricky to store (and handbags!) but simply take a nail and hang your hats up! You can also use stick on hooks as well depending on your wall. I love having my favorite hats up and it instantly added that something vintage into my home.

THIRD-are favorite objects. I purchased a mask like the one Audrey used in Breakfast at Tiffany's for Halloween and a Barbie of Audrey from Roman Holiday was given to me for Christmas. So having them on my dresser adds that little something vintagey as well as having something pretty and special to look at.

FOUR-practical vintage objects that have a special purpose. It can be a jar for pens, a vase for flowers, or like this amazing poodle that is a letter holder. That way I can put some important papers out and still have a piece of vintage to look at and admire. 

FIVE-kitschy figures. I just love kitschy figures. They are vintage, super cute, and well....adorable! You can find so many of them on Etsy in various animals forms-deers, dogs, cats, bunnies. I just adore them all and defiantly want to add more to my home.

Not everyone wants to live in a vintage home or have "old stuff" in there house but these little ways one can have the things they love around them without it becoming overwhelming.

In what ways have you added vintage into your home?

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  1. Thanks for the tips! I'm hoping to move into a new place with my guy within the next couple of months and I've started thinking about what I want to put in my new place so these are really good ideas! Luckily my guy likes midcentury decor so I hopefully won't have any problem in adding vintage flair to our home :)

  2. I love the kitschy figures too!! I snap them up when I find them at the thrift stores or garage sales but agree- they gotta go up high when you have little curious hands around! :P

  3. I too loving adding little bits of vintage to my bedroom since it's the only place I can decorate by myself. Mom has promised when we downsize she will let me do my thing....we'll see.

  4. Terrific tips!!! My home decor is mostly about little bits of much loved vintage here and there as well (including a vintage hat wall, too).

    ♥ Jessica

  5. This is just toooo cute! Our husbands should meet... they could talk all about how vintage simply means old! haha! ;) I love all the things you shared! Great tips!
    ~xoxo, CoriLynn


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