A Vintage Nerd Book Club: Wearable Vintage Fashion

If you love vintage as much I think you do then this is a book that you MUST gift yourself. For Valentine's Day or any day. Written by Jo Waterhouse and Clare Bridge who run a vintage shop in Worchester, England called Second Hand Rose. These two amazing women put together an incredible guide for anyone to dress any decade they want with confidence and a dash of fun.

Each chapter is dedicated to a decade ranging from the 1920's to the 1980's. Within each chapter the ladies give a marvelous introduction to each decade explaining the fashion of the times and why women wore them. I love, love, love their introductions! It's like little mini fashion history lessons but with a lot of inspiring visuals that come after.

Within each chapter you will find images and information on what you can look for to achieve a certain look. You will find inspirations for daywear, evening wear, look book, and they even put a icon section.

For each decade they included a fashion icon and explained why they chose them as well as how you can achieve their look. I was thrilled when I found that the last chapter of the book was called Vintage Street Fashion. The authors included various women from all over the world who are inspirational in their style of dress whether it is strictly 1940's or fun blend of modern and vintage.

The entire book is a fantastic read and goodness even the back cover is beautiful. These ladies really outdid themselves. I really felt like I can put together any look from the 1920's to the 1980's with ease as well as have fun while doing it.

Have you read this book? If you would like to learn more about these lovely ladies and authors of Wearable Vintage Fashion you can take a peak at their Facebook page HERE.

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  1. I really appreciate all of the awesome sneak peaks that you share with us into some of the books you've read. A lot of them are on my Amazon wish list and I always become even more determined to buy them asap after seeing the photos you share and reading your informative, lovely reviews.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. This is a definitely a must have book for who loves vintage fashion! Very instructive!




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