A Vintage Nerd Book Club: Discovering Vintage New York

Wouldn't it be clever if every state published a book about all the delightful vintage places one can visit if one were there? Well I managed to find one dedicated to New York. I was surprised to find it and when I did I quickly clicked the purchase now button on Amazon because I just had to get my hands on this book. The book includes a listing of 50 places all over Manhattan from eateries to bakeries to music shops.

Each vintage spot in the book includes a photo, the address of the place, their phone number, their website, and at least 2-3 pages of description. I really enjoyed reading through them all and the author, Mitch Broder really gives you a feeling like you are hearing about this place from a friend. The tone he sets for the book is that of one who is encouraging you to see these sights for yourself but also sharing all the interesting bits of history and reasons why each place is so special.

Next time you visit New York pick up this book-it will lead you to local treasures that many New Yorkers take for granted. And if you are already a New Yorker and a fan of vintage then this is a must have guidebook for you. I cannot wait to see some of these places in person.

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  1. I am so getting this book before I come to New York later in the year!!! Perhaps we can go to a few of the places together :)

  2. Oooh, thank you very much for the sneak peak into this great book (I gave it to a friend this past Christmas, but I had it sent directly to their house from Amazon, so I didn't get a chance to peer inside and haven't come across it, not surprisingly, locally). I think that many, many other cities and big towns should follow suit and put out similar guides to their respective vintage attractions and haunts.

    ♥ Jessica


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