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Do you love vintage hairstyles? Want to learn how to create those looks on your own hair? Daniela Turudich, the author of 1940s Hairstyles put together a fantastic guide and manual on how to achieve the perfect 1940s hair.

Chapter One includes seven sections on basic haircuts. Chapter Two includes six techniques like curls, waves, and bangs. Chapter Three includes how one can select the right hairstyle based on your face and features. Chapter Four includes basic styles for women with short, medium, and long hair as well as for women who wear glasses (how helpful is that!). Chapter Four includes war time hairstyles. Chapter Six includes formal hairstyles and up-do's. Lastly, Chapter Seven includes five sections on hair accessories (super inspirational and fun chapter!).

Best parts of this source book is that the author includes diagrams for the haircuts, 1940s terminology (so you can understand how to apply the techniques to get the style you want), how to set pin curls, and what hairstyles will look best with the shape of your face and your features which is beyond fantastic!

This book has literally EVERYTHING you need and would want to know about 1940s Hairstyles without sounding like a textbook. The author puts in absolutely every detail as well as breaking it down so it is very easy to read and follow.  

This book includes 260 illustrations and diagrams, just ideal to help the reader visualize how she will style her hair. You will also find photos of Old Hollywood starlets to help inspire you. The very last pages include a list for 1940s beauty supplies and tool kits to help you achieve the look you desire as well as where to find these beauty supplies.

This is an ideal guide for anyone who wants to achieve an authentic 1940's look. They say that the hair is the crown and glory for a woman and creating a vintage hairstyle will help you complete your vintage look. You will become that 1940s girl from long ago.

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  1. It's a really lovely book for sure (I bought a copy in my pre-wig days) and one that I think deserves a place any 1940s fans bookshelves. I do wish though that there had been more step-by-step images (perhaps using present day models on which the same styles had been recreated) for the most of the styles. I've always found that I learn hairstyling best when I can clearly see each main step involved, instead of just reading how to do something (which is interesting, because in other areas, I'm usually great with learning just by reading instructions - hair though is another matter entirely for me). Other than that, I too sing the praises of this book far and wide!

    ♥ Jessica

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  3. What a great book to go into such details as even by year. Very interesting.


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