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If you find yourself a fan of vintage most likely you love the history, the times, the lifestyles of the past. I think we can easily forget the struggles (and the triumphs) of the past if we solely focus on the glamour of the times. And boy there are enough beautiful things that have happened in history to last us for eons. But there were also times that tried humanity and justice and the story of the Loving family is one of those.

Richard and Mildred Loving were married in June 1958 in Washington, D.C. and moved back to their hometown of Caroline County, Viriginia. One month later they were arrested and put in jail because interracial marriage was illegal. They were forced to move to Washington, D.C. away from their families and friends. The town they came from was small and both black and whites worked together and mixed agreeably. They didn't think anything of it when they met and fell in love. Such a simply act between two consenting adults, but it wasn't so simple back then.

This documentary tells the story of their struggle and their personal victory. They share photos and lots of actual video of the couple as well as the lawyers. Included are also interviews with some town people but you should be aware that what they saw may sound shocking. It was for me. I was just sitting and watching the film saying, "Wow. wow." over and over.

A Vintage Nerd, Vintage Blog, The Loving Family, Retro Lifestyle Blog, Vintage Lifestyle Blog

This is the last photo I could find with the Loving family altogether sans Richard who was killed by a drunk driver in 1975. This photo was taken in 1979 with Mildred and her children-Sidney, Donald, and Peggy (with her eldest child). Mildred is holding a photo of Richard when he was just a young boy.

The last information I found out about them is that Mildred passed on in 2008 at the age of 68, she never remarried. Both her sons passed on and you can read more about Sidney HERE and Donald passed on in 2000. Peggy is the only child still with us and the Loving's became great and grand parents to a wonderful slew of children.

Little did the Loving's know that they would embark on a journey that would change the course of America. There are a few articles out there in internetland but not enough photos and can you believe no one has written a book on them!!! I sure hope their daughter does. I am grateful though that this documentary was made and for the Loving's willingness to fight for equality.

If you would like to read more about the Loving's, I found a few really good articles but I highly recommend watching this documentary.

Mildred Loving (which includes a video with her daughter Peggy)

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  1. I really, really want to see this doc. I keep hearing what a powerful, compelling piece it is and can't wait until Netflix.ca (hopefully) brings it in.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. I would love to see this too - thank you for bringing it to my attention! It does sound like a book or even a film could come of the story? x

  3. It sounds like a good documentary I hipe they get it on Netflix
    retro rover

  4. Hope you gals get to see it. Its a simple but beautiful story!!! xox

  5. I have heard about this family before. Our world has changed so much in so many ways, And still sometimes, I think it hasn't changed at all. :(


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