Must See TV: The Bletchley Circle: Series Two

A few months ago I shared on A Vintage Nerd a must see tv show called The Bletchley Circle. Well, series two is making its way to America!

If you caught up with series one on Netflix and love the sleuth detectives gal pals then tune in for another amazing case!

Series two will focus again on one solid big case but this time it involves a former Bletchley Park colleague named Alice Merren who is awaiting trial for murder. Series two will include four episodes instead of three like the last series. You can read more about series two HERE.

Tune in to PBS on Sunday, April 21st for the premiere of series two of The Bletchley Circle!

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  1. I can't wait and I'm so glad there will be four episodes! (By the way, I think it starts on the 13th not the 21st.)

  2. Very cool!!! I've been meaning to tell you, I (we) recently watched the first four episodes of A Young Doctor's Notebook. Dark with a heavy bit of gore, but immensely engaging, too. I haven't seen any of the Harry Potter flicks, so interestingly, this was actually my first introduction to Daniel Radcliffe's acting. Hopefully Netflix will bring in the second season, too!

    ♥ Jessica

  3. 10 days left! Come count down with us at The Bletchley Circle Watchers -- TBC fan page!

  4. Thanks to you, I discovered Bletchley Circle & Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries (currently watching s02 of the latest) and loved it! Thank you for sharing all this vintage-style shows :) :)


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