A Little Flipped Out: My Attempt At A 1960's Flip Hair-do

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After my latest hair cut I decided I have to figure out what vintage hairstyles I can do. I think after every haircut especially when it is extreme (shorter, layers, no layers, etc) one needs to reacess and almost relearn how to do one's hair. Then you throw vintage hairstyles into the mix and it is definatly a whole other ball game.

My Challenges:
  • I no longer have layers minus one in the front of my hair
  • My hair is thick and wavy
  • Slight frizz and dryness (hair)
  • My hands and arms are weak so blow drying my hair is very difficult
  • Time constraints due to schedules 
  • Three small children who are in constant need of me (its okay I don't mind this one-they make me feel like a rock star)

What I used:
  • Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum (on my wet hair to add shine and get rid of some frizz)
  • Large foam rollers (overnight on wet hair)
  • Ion Anti-Frizz Solution (after my hair was dried and I took out the rollers)
  • Bristle brush, comb, rolling brush, and tease brush
  • Aussie Hairspray
  • A few bobby pins

Whatever hairstyle I do that is vintage needs to be one that I can do in under 30 minutes. I know that is going to happen with practice but it also needs to be user friendly. Because my hands are weak and I have so much hair, blow drying is very difficult for me. For example, having my arm out pulling my hair even for a few seconds creates a burning sensation that goes down my arms. Nice, right? So I want to do hairstyles that compliment me, go great with my vintage outfit, are time friendly, and that are gentle on my body.

Before I go on, here is my attempt. Keep in mind it is my first attempt and my little budding photographer, my daughter (6) is the one who snapped the photos. She was so proud of herself afterwards, hope you like them.

A Vintage Nerd, 1960s Hairstyles, 1960s Hair Flip, Vintage Blog, Vintage Hair, Vintage Hairstyles
What I have learned:

  • Foam rollers will only make my hair very curly
  • Try large velcro grip rollers (which I recently purchased)
  • Purchase a large blow dry brush. I am thinking that may be easier to use to blow dry the front and top parts of the hair better
  • Find a bouffant hair piece or bump shaper (teasing is great but I need it to be bigger!)

I forgot how curly my hair can get with foam rollers, hence why I haven't used them in a while. I figured I would give it a try and now I know it just doesn't work for my type of hair. But really, did I do okay? 

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  1. I think your flip looks fantastic! A rat or bump-it will help give you lift without a lot of strain on your arms/hands. Another simple style you can do with this cut is a French Twist with the rat or bump-it. It might take a while to learn but it's a style that you can sleep in by just wrapping in a silk scarf or using a silk pillow case. When my kids were little, I loved having hairdos that I could do on Sunday, then not have to touch again the whole week.

  2. I wouldn't have known it was your first try, you look Fab ! I tried a few times when my hair was longer and your effort is much better than mine.....and tell your little girl she did a great job at being a photographer :)

  3. Oh Daffny, it turned out so, so wonderfully lovely!!! I feel like you should get a walk on part on Mad Men for this charming 60s hairstyle (and how great it looks on you) alone.

    ♥ Jessica

  4. I think you did a wonderful job :) It also really suits you (as does the pink you are wearing!). (Your DD did a great job on the photos too!).
    Foam rollers always make my hair super curly too- I have to sit there for AGES to brush the curl down a little LOL

  5. It looks great! I'd love to try this one for myself, it's not one I've turned my hand to so far.

  6. Gorgeous kitten! And fabulous photography!! ;)
    ~xoxo, CoriLynn

  7. Man that first try is awesome. You should see my first second third... Fine I'll just put it in a pony tail!

  8. I think your hair looks great, you wouldn't know that it is a first attempt. Your daughter did a good job with the pictures.

  9. I love this so much and I can't believe that R took these pics!!!

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  11. You did a great job, your hair looks fab!

  12. For a first try, it looks great! I'm obsessed with the bubble flip of the 60s, but my hair is just too long. It turned out beautifully!

  13. Thank you everyone! I cannot wait to try it a few more times heheh xox


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