Want To Learn How To Recreate Some 1960's Hairstyles?

We all love the 1930's-1950's but let us not forget the grooviness of the 1960's. Give yourself a new look or change up your vintage look a bit with some 1960's flare.

I included in this post a small handful of articles and videos to help you get on the 60's band wagon. I hope you give it a try sometime. There is a lot of teasing and hairspray involved so you have been warned!

I shared some 1960's hair-inspiration which I hope you enjoyed, but one can never have enough inspiration.

Here are a few links filled with more inspiration.

Here are some detailed and easy to follow articles:

How to create a 60's Beehive (with an interesting trick)

Lastly, here are some useful and user friendly videos:

Hope you find all this information useful and inspirational. Let me know if you try any of these style out, I would love to see it.

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  1. I wouldn't say no to a lush, alluringly beautiful head of 1960s hair like the one Jane Fonda is rocking here. Love it!

    ♥ Jessica


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