Must See TV: Ripper Street: Season Two


BAM! That basically sums up the second season of Ripper Street. Bam! from beginning to end. This season the writers of this Victorian Era show did not hold back.

I shared with you about the first season HERE recently and my husband and I couldn't find the second season anywhere online so we purchased the dvd set. It is officially my first BBC show dvd purchase and I hope for many, many more!

For this season we are introduced to four new characters that frighten us, intrigue us, and make us say "WHAT!!!!?" I mean, don't you love it when a character does something you don't expect? That happens a few times during this second season and I was delightfully surprised by them.

For this second season we meet Bennet's new wife, a former toffer (prostitute) named Bella who worked for Long Susan (MyAnna Buring). We also meet a new Detective Constable named Albert Flight (Damien Molony-who was also in Being Human UK), a powerful (and slightly crazy) nemesis named Detective Inspector Jedediah Shine (Joseph Shine), and lastly we meet Jane Cobden, a London County Councilor who is Inspector Reid's new love interest.

Ripper Street Season Two
Ripper Street
Ripper Street

I thought every episode was powerful. Did I just say that? I certainly did! I was seriously glued to my screen for every single one. I mean, that is how good this season was! I really don't want to share the twists and surprises because they are sooo worth viewing with your very own eyes. You will NOT be disappointed!

Oddly there has been hearsay that the show ended up with lower ratings than expected. Oh dear. People need to know good tv when they see it, don't you think?

But don't you fret, season three will begin filming this month! And Amazon Prime is picking up the season and it will be aired there first! My husband and I are over the moon and impatiently waiting to hear when season three will be aired!!

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  1. I agree! I love watching Ripper Street. It is definitely must see tv.

    Hellcat Vintage

  2. Ooohh, can I have the character's blue and green plaid ensemble in the first photo, pretty please? I so need to watch this series - especially since Copper, a somewhat similar series (in terms of genre, timeframe, costuming, etc) was suddenly pulled a few months ago after just two seasons, despite it (from what I've read on Wiki and such) having good ratings.

    ♥ Jessica


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