Vintage New York: Marilyn Monroe and The Big Apple


New York isn't for everyone. I know you may not hear that often but it really isn't. Some people are better suited for the country, some for small towns, and some for mega metropolis's. Taking a bite out of this big apple isn't always an easy task to undertake but for someone like MM. it seemed that loved being here.

She often visited New York and also sat in classes at the Actor's Studio. You can read more about it HERE. Most of the photos on this post are by photographer Sam Shaw with whom she worked with a great deal. Shaw enjoyed trying to capture MM with her guard down and in as much of a natural state as possible ie sans makeup, shopping, reading, etc.

If you ask me, I think he was a wonderful photographer and he saw in her the person she was. What I mean by that is that I feel as though he captured her as a regular person instead of the Hollywood glamour doll that she was created to be. Seeing MM in the subway station, shopping at Tiffany's, reading a newspaper on a city bench-those instances although were slightly arranged or thought out a bit beforehand, were still like looking at a pretty girl enjoying her day in Manhattan.

Marilyn Monroe New York
Sam Shaw
Marilyn Monroe NY
Tiffany & Co
Marilyn Monroe in NY
Marilyn Monroe in New York

All of these photos were taken in the 1950's. If you would like to see more candid shots by Sam Shaw of MM in New York feel free to take a peak at these photos HERE.

I like knowing that MM enjoyed being in the big apple and that she enjoyed being a part of this cantankerous and overpopulated city. Like I mentioned before, it isn't for everyone but I do believe that everyone should visit at least once!

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  1. Very true, as much as some people may love the idea of a certain city (or country), in reality it may not be ideal for them. Growing up, for example, I wildly romanticized Ireland, yet once I actually ended up living there, it turned out that the country and I were often like oil and water (at least at that point in my life - who knows if I was back there again now a decade later).

    This is such a great series of MM shots. I love how they strike that perfect balance between staged and candid.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Something just so magical about Marilyn and long after we are gone future generations will think so too.


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