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Dear Makeup,

I need to clarify some important things to you. You are here for me. I am NOT here for you. You were created to enchance my already beautiful face, not to convince me that I wasn't beautiful before you were put on. I love fantasy films like Labyrinth and Legend but I do not buy into the fantasy of a reflection of someone that is not ME.

I am beautiful before you touch my face. Why? How do I know that? Because I do. Because I say I am. Because I see the things inside of me that shine brighter than any lipgloss.

My disability taught me something eons ago. My body does NOT define me. I am not defined by the size of my breasts, my height, or my derriere that is by far more bootylicious than Jo-Lo's.

The plastic on my legs do not define me. They enable me to walk better and stronger than I would without them on. Did you know my calves are atrophied? That means that no muscle can develop there and therefore they are skinnier than the rest of my legs. But who cares. I have legs right now don't I? And as much as it can hurt, I can walk still, right?

Why am I telling you all this? Because you don't make me beautiful. You help me cover up those dark circles from lack of sleep, help make my skin glow a little brighter, and make my already fabulous full lips sparkle just a little bit more.

My husband thinks I am beautiful without you. Actually he prefers if I don't wear any makeup or lipstick at all. Good man I have. He sees what I see. That I am already beautiful. My children think I am a supermodel. This kiss my post-babies belly and love all the bumps and curves that motherhood has given me. My daughter says she hopes to look like me one day-big boobies and big butt-those are her words, not mine.

I like having you in my life. Three years ago I would have never thought I would use you as much as I do (once every week or so). I am glad I began my relationship with you as a mature woman rather than a young woman. I think I can appreciate the help you can give.

But helping me doesn't mean that you change me or make me into something I am not.

Let's be clear on this. I was beautiful before we met and I will remain beautiful long after we part.

Now where the heck did I put my cherry chapstick!??

Yours Truly,


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  1. That was lovely! And you ARE beautiful already.

  2. How truly beautiful this is. You're so incredibly stunning, Daffny! Love you for being proud of every single part of you.

  3. Love it:) Beautifully said

  4. AnonymousMay 26, 2014

    A fantastic letter celebrating true beauty.

  5. Hear hear! This is a beautiful post, and you are truly a beautiful lady.


  6. A touching read, and one that I highly applaud. One thing I appreciate as I gain my "life experience" is that I become more and more comfortable and confident in my own skin. This is also in part to my wonderful Mister who similarly prefers me with a no makeup, fresh face. That being said, I do adore a lovely red lip, so there's that. ♡
    bonita of Lavender & Twill


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