Swinging My 1960's Self To BeautyCon

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Today I attended the first ever BeautyCon event in New York. I have been waiting months to delves myself into the world of beauty products at this convention but before I share with you the pros and cons of my experience, let me share what I wore.

I am in a constant search for 1950's and early 1960's dresses. I was so happy to find this one because I have been yearning for a black and white look for ages. I purchased this amazing dress from 1919vintage. Isn't it so pretty? I then paired my dress with an Old Navy cardigan and this fabulous white bow sweater clip from sweetandlovely. I also wore my trusty vintage bracelet and white wicker handbag that I purchased on my last trip to Missouri. And sported my 1960's flip with an authentic 1960's hairband. My first time all decked out 60's style.

A Vintage Nerd, BeautyCon, Vintage Dresses, Vintage 1960s Black & White Dress, Vintage Fashion Inspiration,
A Vintage Nerd, BeautyCon, Vintage Dresses, Vintage 1960s Black & White Dress, Vintage Fashion Inspiration,
A Vintage Nerd, BeautyCon, Vintage Dresses, Vintage 1960s Black & White Dress, Vintage Fashion Inspiration,
Now to the Pros and Cons of BeautyCon:


  • I met a few wonderful people just by sitting at a table and having lunch outside. A few of them were vloggers and they were so lovely. You can see their channels HERE and HERE.
  • One vlogger in particular reminded me how wonderful it is to have a nice conversation with someone and also reminded me how much I miss being in Europe. She is a fantastic beauty vlogger originally from Italy named Nicole and her channel is called KissandMakeup01
  • There was a food trunk that sold gourmet ice cream and it was beyond divine-butterscotch cookie with sea salt caramel ice cream-swoon!
  • The event was family friendly so a busy mom could go with her stroller and still attend the event comfortably.
  • It was also kid friendly! There were bounce houses, cotton candy, and cute tattoos. Now I think all of that was for the adults but still, my daughter had the time of her life.
  • Revlon and Maybelline gave away great samples.
  • There were phone charging stations.
  • What little makeup there was being sold was being sold half price.
  • The DJ played great music.
  • There were no pamphlets or maps to let you know where anything is unless you owned a I-phone you could not upload the app for the map. Not everyone has or can afford a $600 dollar phone.
  • Many people who had booths were very rude and borderline disrespectful.
  • There were no mirrors to see yourself when trying on items.
  • There were massive lines for everything.
  • General Admission offers almost nothing and the pricer VIP or Pro tickets offered just a dash more. 
  • People were able to go in and out of the event even though their website stated that you could not come back in if you leave.
  • No one seemed to be able to know anything or have any information to help out.
  • There were barely any makeup booths. Not enough viable companies were represented. I didn't even purchase anything. There was nothing to buy!
It was the first time the event has been in NY so I know that it can get better and better. I am definitely happy I went to Beautycon. Three years ago when I began my vintage lifestyle journey I never would have thought of me going to a beauty convention. I am glad I tried something new and the experience opened my eyes to a few important things. One of them I will share with you in tomorrow's post and I hope you will tune in to read it. You will see a cheekier side of me for sure!

If you would like to see all the shenanigans I was up to at Beautycon today, swing by my Instagram and check it out.

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  1. Oh ! Too bad Im in France .. I would Love to go to this Con ...
    I understand What you mean by They were rude .
    Well sometimes people Who have booths like that are not really "commercially open" so it always done the image that we are rude or mad at something ... But we only are waiting for you Guys ;)
    Well, on the first con I've attended I thought people were rude spécially on Beauty Con but then I did Tattoo Con and it was amazing ... I think it also really depends on the personns themselves...
    Well you look ravishing so I hope you had a great Time though.


    1. Thank you Lorna! I did despite some disappointments. Conventions are fun!! xox

  2. You looked so cute!! that dress is amazing too. As for the rudeness, I think sometimes, people don't know how to act when they run a booth. You dont want to run off customers by being overly friendly (irritating) but its not at all welcoming to just stare and not speak! My mom runs a booth at a lot of local events and we're always friendly by saying hello and smiling and then back off and let people shop. Be available for questions or whatever too. At any rate, sounds like you met some really nice ladies!!

  3. You looked so lovely! I love your black and white ensemble. I bet you got lots of lovely compliments. I'm sorry to hear more beauty products were not highlighted. This is so weird about no map. I hope they correct this in the future. How fun to do something nice and eventful for the day with your children:))


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