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Goodness, when I came across the video you are about to see posted below I knew that I had to share with you this treasure. Vintage America with Ginger is a pilot show that is spearheaded by Ginger Pauley, a vintage lovin gal just like you and I.

When (not if) this show gets picked up and on air, I really look forward to the world seeing all the neat things America has to offer when it comes to vintage. I know we are a young country but we do have a great deal to offer the vintage community. We had (and have) drive ins, diners, speakeasys, hamburgers and french fries, Jazz age, Harlem, and really so much more. New York alone has oodles of places to visit that were built prior to 1969, in which I plan to showcase more in my Vintage New York series here on A Vintage Nerd blog.

Ginger is super kind and sweet and if you say hello she will say hello back. She is really down-to-earth talented woman who willing to take on the challenge of showcasing America in all its vintage glory!

I cannot say how excited I am about this and when you can, stop by one of Ginger's social media networks and show your support because this will be one super fabulous show.

Get to know more about Ginger Pauley by checking out her social networks sites:

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  1. I very much hope she gets picked up. How wonderful would this show be?

  2. That was so awesome! I really hope this show gets picked up. I would marathon the heck out of it! :) Thank you for sharing this--I made sure to like her Facebook page and Pinterest board.


  3. I really hope this will get picked up!

  4. Wow! I'm not American but it would be good if it does get picked up - it looks awesome.

  5. Thanks do much for sharing this it's a wonderful idea. Thanks for all your great comments on my Instagram. I hope u can visit my blog sometime yours was one of the first vintage blogs I read
    Retro rover

  6. Ginger is a Facebook friend of mine. A real sweetheart and a wonderful person. Number One on vintage scene, she can dance, sing, act. Follow her and her show on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The one and only Vintage Girl. On TVTibì ( BAMP channel ) and Akyumen soon !

  7. Replies
    1. They probably need to upload the current video. This article was written quite a while ago.

  8. Here's the latest version:

  9. To anyone still here, the show HAS distribution! Please watch our page on Facebook for more information and where to see the show!


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