Maya Angelou: A Suffragette For Womankind

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The magnificent Maya Angelou passed on this past week. Maya was one of those rare people that I believe when you looked at her, you didn't see a woman, you didn't see the color of her skin, all you saw is a person. A person. And that I feel is magnificent.

We live in a world of labels. You are American. You are a Woman. You are a New Yorker. You are Christian. I can keep on and on and on. I personally get very tired of labels. I believe you should be judged on your character, on how you treat yourself and treat others. Simple right. It is something Maya practiced. She just was.

To me, Maya Angelou was not just an artist, a poet, a writer, but she was a suffragette for womankind. Through her own personal suffering she rose above and created joy out of pain. She looked at life as a journey and willing went on that journey. She spoke about subjects that affect all women in a way that few people ever have. Her poems were like songs. Her voice was like symphony.

She was unique. We all are. The difference between her and many others is that she reveled in the person she was. She didn't become a cookie cutter duplicate of what the world wanted her to be but rather who she was meant to be. There is so much we can learn from such a person.

All this week on A Vintage Nerd's Instagram I will be sharing quotes from Maya that inspire me greatly. Join me in celebrating the life of this incredible spirit that brought us all the gift that was simply, herself.

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  1. What a fabulous quote! I read her autobiographies many years ago and such a deep and wonderful person.


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