Vintagey Sunglasses In Time For Summer


I hope I have informed and inspired all of you when it comes to finding your ideal summer sunglasses but I couldn't leave this topic without sharing some beautiful sunglasses I have found online.

I am only spotlighting four specific companies but I know there are many more wonderful sunglasses to be found out there. I set up the photos from the most expensive (Celine Brand) to the least expensive (Modcloth). Work within your budget and your palette and hopefully you will be able to score some outstanding shades for this summer.

Keep in mind that one should always search Etsy and Ebay because you never know what you can find. If you love authentic vintage sunglasses search both of those sites and if you love more of the high end designer vintagey styles sunglasses like the ones I posted here from Celine then I highly recommended searching Ebay because you can find a pair that is overstock or even slightly used (but still fabulous) for $100 dollars or more less.


Warby Parker


The sunglasses I have shared with you here today range from $300-$12 respectively. The links I added underneath each photo will take you to the main company site as well as to the site where you can find these particular shades.

I think they are all beautiful and would definitely add a dash of sophistication and Old Hollywood glamour to any outfit you wear.

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  1. These are all super lovely!!! The Celine shades in particular are right up my alley style and colour wise. Great roundup, dear gal - bring on the summer rays! :)

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Oh so glad you liked it! I love the Celine ones too...swoon worthy for sure! xox

  2. I really like the top right Mod Cloth ones, but it's so disappointing that the bulk of their selection is over-sized. I've been waiting for over-sized sunglasses to kick the bucket forever now lol. I want to be able to see part of my eyebrows when I wear sunglasses damn it!

  3. LOL Omg you made me giggle so hard-thank you for that! You are right though. Let's see if they do! xox


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