How To Know What Sunglasses Suit Your Face Best


I hope you enjoyed the Old Hollywood inspiration on sunglasses yesterday. I know I am always in awe when I see classic film stars of yesteryear wearing them. They always look so dazzling and well, like movie stars!

Today I would like to share some information on how you can figure out what sunglasses are best suited for your face. I did a lot of research and found some fantastic information on this topic and I highly encourage you to check out the links I added at the bottom of every photo I included because the posts are very informative and helpful.

The FIRST step in finding the best glasses for you was mentioned yesterday in my How To Wear Sunglasses Old Hollywood Style. I think you should be inspired by what you see and excited about the prospects of finding the ideal pair of shades suited for you face.

The SECOND step would be figuring out what the shape of your face is. You face is either an oval, long (rectangle), round, square, heart, pear, or diamond shaped face. Why know what shape your face is? Well knowing helps you know what sunglasses/glasses best suit your face, the best hair cut, what hairstyles are best suited, and even what hats best suit your face. And heck, why not look and feel your best. You should want to feel and look as fabulous as Grace Kelly did in her shades!

The Beauty Department posted this out-of-sight guide to finding you face shape. After you follow the guide you should know what shape your face is. I am stuck between round and oval, what do you think? What shape is your face?
The Beauty Department

Once you know the shape of your face then the THIRD step is to find and search for the type of sunglasses that are best suited for your face shape.

Here are some helpful visuals that may help you find the shape of sunglasses that would best suit your face:

Sunglasses For Your Face Shape

Sunglasses for the shape of your face

Shades for your face

The FOURTH step would be to find the right color of sunglasses that would compliment your skin tone the best. For example, If you have warm-toned skin you may want to wear black sunglasses. If your skin and hair are cooler tones then a bluish or even purple-toned lens will suit best. I always tend to go with what I like but it is always good to take your hair and skin tone in consideration when shopping for the best pair of shades.

Here is a great diagram of colors to help you choose what may be best for you:


You know one of the goals of A Vintage Nerd is to share as much information as possible. So, I hope this post helps you in some way discover the shape of your face or the type of sunglasses that will look the best on you. Nothing would make me happier in knowing you walked away feeling informed (and inspired!)

At the end of the day you are the one who will be wearing the sunglasses so I want you to choose the ones that you feel the best in. These tips and photos are here to guide you and inform you but remember to get what you love and feel amazing in!

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  1. Wonderfully fun, helpful post! My face shape is closest to oval, however I can't pull off as many styles of glasses and sunnies as are often attributed to this supposedly easy to fit shape (perhaps because, much to my lifelong chagrin, I don't have very pronounced cheekbones). I know from trial and error that cat's eye frames and those with similar lines are my best bet by far.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. What a truly wonderful post! It really is difficult finding the right pair of sunglasses. Especially when you have to buy them over the internet. I have more pairs of sunglasses that are not so good than ones I like. It certainly is a trial and error like Jessica says. You look very lovely in your sunglasses:)

  3. Great guide! I always have a tough time choosing specs because I have quite the long face and high as all get out forehead. I love aviators... but they drag my face down, I have a few ginormous pairs that I love to wear, when my daughter hasn't stolen them!
    L A

  4. What a fun and informative post! I love all of the helpful charts you found. They make it so easy to figure out how to pick out glasses. I didn't realize until now that I should be focusing on cooler colors but I do tend to get more compliments when I wear those cooler colors! Thanks so much.

    Hellcat Vintage

  5. I have an oval-shaped face, but I have discovered anytime I wear the recommended glasses, when I smile, my cheeks move the shades up and down. That's annoying! So I end up wearing shades not for my face shape. Any solutions to that?


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