A Few of My Favorite Things: Spring Edition

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Where the heck did the Spring go? I feel like it swished in and out of my life leaving only memories of cardigans and Easter eggs. Since it is officially Summer here in the states I figured I would share with you my favorite things from Spring. 

Easter was a hoot this year because my youngest was able to fully grasp the day and the events. He is too young to understand the meaning but my daughter does. I did my annual egg hunt with the kids, gave them their Easter baskets, and made my Easter bunny cake. This year the children took part in decorating it and I think they did a great job.

Seeing all the flowers everywhere is one of my favorite parts of Springtime. I may not love bugs and creepy crawlers but I sure love nature, especially trees. After school on the non-rainy days I would stop by what I affectionately call the "bird park". Its a park before a larger one in my town and it just has benches, trees, flowers, a walking trail all around in a circle, and of course birds! It's perfect to play in and have a picnic in. I loved taking my children there before we headed home and started homework. It was a nice way to take a breather for me too and just enjoy them being happy and having fun.

What is your favorite season? What were your favorite things about this Spring?

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  1. Excellently said! I feel like it left similar fleeting, lightning fast impressions, too. For me it's mostly of getting my Etsy shop off the ground and of one medical issue after another with our dear dog, Annie. I'm so happy summer is here at long last. It's time for long days, cool drinks, taking things easy, and savouring the many fabulous joys of this sunkissed season.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. I love that cute check dress and I agree time is speeding along it moves faster for me as I get older

    retro rover


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