12 Easy Steps To Becoming a Better Blogger


Having been an avid blogger and blog reader since 2011 I have learned a few things that I thought you might like to know about the world of blogging. It is changing a lot since social media is now playing a huge role on how people find you and read your posts but like all good things change is inevitable. What is important to remember is that we should flow with the change and attempt to adapt to it as best as possible.

Here are a few things I have learned along the way:

  • Be aware of who are the members of your community. Say hi and sincerely get to know them.
  • Utilize social media but focus on one or two that you really really enjoy and love. Share your posts on all social medias but the ones you focus on be really really good at them.
  • Which leads me to those one or two social medias that you love-participate often, post interesting and beautiful photos, and know who your readers are!
  • READ other blogs! Not just in your community but around your community as well. By reading other blogs ie fashion blogs, beauty blogs, film blogs, lifestyle blogs, etc. you can inform yourself on what is working for them and what is not and you can apply that to your own blog. Not copying or mimicking at all-but learning.
  • Which leads me to this step-Learn from others. Learn from other bloggers. Pay attention to what they are doing and how they are doing it. Again, do your own thing but in learning from others you can get inspired, invigorated, and excited about continuing to work on your own blog
  • Keep things fresh. Change little things on your blog here and there. Keep your page as clean as possible, the more clutter the more a readers eyes are darting everywhere and they may not focus on the post.avintagenerd
  • Check your stats. Know who is reading your blog.
  • Nothing is worse for a blogger than when they become bored with their own blog or the topics of their blog. Nothing is worse than writing a post saying that you are bored and have nothing to say. Ask yourself why you are blogging and be HONEST with yourself.
  • Be yourself. Don't try being like someone else. Do your own thing and even if only fifty people look at your blog everyday feel good that someone is interested in it.
  • Allow yourself to be inspired by other blogs and bloggers.
  • Let your readers know who you are. LET YOUR READERS KNOW WHO YOU ARE. Not the image of what you wish you could be but who you are. Not only will you walk away from every post that you write feeling good about it but at the end of the day you aren't keep up with a false image but just keeping up with being YOU!
  • Have fun! I mean it. If something isn't working and you are not feeling good with it, change it up, bring more fun into your life through your blog. I mean if your readers see what a hoot you are having they will have a hoot reading it.

I hope these tips help in some way. What would you add to the list of steps to becoming a better blogger?

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  1. Great post!! These are all great tips! :)

    The biggest tip I can think to give is to be flexible with your posts and your posting schedule. Before I ran Singing Bird Vintage, I maintained a blog about paranormal and horror fiction called Independent Paranormal for a few years. While I was getting the hang of maintaining a blog like that, I would get so freaked out if my posting schedule got off or I didn't get to run the post I initially wanted, and I quickly learned that that was just not the way to be. There should be a certain amount of spontaneity in blogging; if you plan too much and too rigidly, you're liable to get burned out on it quicker.


  2. Stellar advice across the boards, sweet Daffny. I really agree with you about the importance of getting to know and then maintaining at least quasi-regular contact with a good percentage of your community. These are our peers, friends and some of our biggest sources of inspiration. How, or why, anyone wouldn't want to actively interact and get to know at least some such folks better is beyond me, yet I see it happen all the time. To each there own of course, but that's never been my approach and I say that as someone who is mindblowingly shy, even online!

    ♥ Jessica


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