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This past Friday after I had a wonderful lunch at the Brooklyn Farmacy & Soda Fountain (HERE) I picked up my children from school and prepared them for a sleep over at Papa's house. I decided to change and go a little more casual for my dinner date with my husband. I went with a vintagey casual look and added a little vintage by wearing a head scarf out for the first time. Yes, this was my first time grabbing a scarf and head out the door wearing it.

I tried a few times adding head scarfs to my wardrobe but I would get frustrated because the length wasn't right or I couldn't find the right color. After trying it out this time I know I definitely want more color selections and I also need to find more scarves that are larger. I found using larger ones gives you a lot of room for creating various looks as you will see if you click on the links I shared at the bottom on this post.


My outfit was pretty simple. I wore a pair of Gap trouser jeans, a peter pan collared shell top from Boden, a cardigan from Old Navy, Moonglow bracelets, a pair of yellow stud earrings, and a yellow bird sweater clip I purchased on Etsy. I also wore a vintage head scarf and tried to hide the horror of my hair for a bit (LOL).

Vintage Scarf

Grab yourself a sizable head scarf. Fold over until you get it to the shape of a triangle and then keep folding it over until it is a long rectangle shape. Like a long headband. I tied my hair back with a clip and placed my head scarf over my head and knotted it twice at the bottom.

Head Scarf

To keep the scarf in place I put a bobby pin on each side. I also used mini hair combs at the front of my hair to keep my hair in place as well. I removed the hair clip after I tied it, it helped prevent me from tying up my hair accidentally.

Head Scarf Tutorial

Afterwards you can adjust it and made the front of the scarf larger if you want. Just perfect for bad hair days like I had. My hair was just way too frizzy that day despite the great weather we had.

Head Scarf

Here is some head scarf inspiration via my 1960's hair magazine that I spotlighted in this post HERE.
Vintage Head Scarf
Head Scarf Ideas
Hair Scarf Inspiration

Here are some great articles, posts, and video links to various ways you can use a head scarf:

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I hope you like all of these links! There are so many fabulous ways to tie a head scarf and add a little vintage to your vintagey casual outfit or any outfit for that matter!

There are a few that I want to try out and I will definitely share the outcome with you when I do!

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  1. I wish I could get my hair to look as fabulous as in the first photo! I love all the 1960s ways to tie a scarf, especially because these scarves still seem to be plentiful and easy to get.
    I also did a post a little while ago on easy hairstyles to go with a 1940s styled scarf:
    Scarves are my go-to, especially on bad hair days or rushed morning days! In fact, I'm wearing one now! Thanks for sharing all these other options I can add to my repertoire!


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