Adding A Little Vintage Into Your Wardrobe: Sweater Clips


Sometimes the easiest way to add a little vintage into your wardrobe is by using accessories.

Sweater guards were at the height of their popularity in the 1950's. The use of cardigans became a staple then and sweater guards were used to "hold" the cardigan in place. Typically women and girls would wear it over their shoulder (not threw the sleeves) and sweater guards really helped from having the cardigan fall off.

There are a handful of types of sweater guards (also called "sweater clips"). You have the traditional pearl and jeweled clips, 100% gold or sliver clips, kitschy clips (ie of dogs, ducks, houses), and the refurbished (handmade) kind.

Handmade sweater clips are becoming more and more popular and I personally love handmade items. Don't you?

I do find it hard to find vintage sweater clips that go beyond the traditional pearl and sliver type. I like traditional sweater clips but I lean more to sweater clips that have a little more character and color to them.

Here are some lovely sweater clips that can add instant vintage into your wardrobe:



I love wearing sweater guards. It's that little dash of vintage that adds something special to my outfit and just happens to hold my cardigan in place too.

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  1. I love how classy sweater clips can make an outfit look! So far I only have two pairs, a 50's one with an owl in the center and one with rhinestone beetle clips (without the chain and one badly tarnished) that my grandma gave me, but they're something I definitely keep my eye out for.

    1. Oh def get more when you can-they are so much fun and that dash of vintage to any outfit that is just pretty and endearing :) xox

  2. there are some really sweet versions here! I love that little deer.
    Marie @ In Our Happy Place

    1. Pretty isn't it? The seller is really nice too! xox

  3. sweater clips are really cute and I definitely plan to nab some someday. So far I have none! I love the inclusion of dogs and cats on these clips yours are lovely and show your talent for accessorizing

    retro rover

  4. Thanks so much for modeling! I have seen some for sale and wondered how they were worn.

  5. Very pretty selection! The vintage angel ones in particular took my breath away.

    ♥ Jessica

  6. I keep meaning to order the sweater clip that flapperdoodle offers!

  7. I wear a lot of vintage cardigans, but have yet to pick up any sweater clips. Shame on me. Your photos have now inspired me to be on the lookout for these adorable baubles to add that extra special little dash of pizzaz to my outfit. Thanks!


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