Adventures at the Central Park Zoo


This Friday we decided to attempt taking a trip into Manhattan by train with the children. The last time we took the train with the children was about two years ago. Nutty me decided to take the chance despite the loads of stairs, the unending humidity of Manhattan, and the droves of people who feel compelled to bump into you or push their strollers into you as you are walking. Ahhhh, city life. What was I thinking?

Oh yeah, I was thinking that we haven't been to the Central Park Zoo since my second child was a baby and he is five now. Plus my daughter is having surgery on both her legs this week and I figured I needed to put in as many adventures as possible before then.

Back to my zoo adventure. The children did great on the train. If we just took them on the train they would have been so pleased. I'm grateful that they enjoy the little things.

But we weren't going to let those things bring us down so into the zoo we went and boy did the kiddies go bonkers. Central Park Zoo began in 1864 as a menagerie and then in 1934 as a zoo. Talk about steeped in history. The first thing you see when you walk into the zoo are these statues (the first photo) and when the clock striked 1:00pm it began to play music and turn. It was like watching a jumbo sized music box play before your eyes. The children were memorized and so was I!

We watched a super fun 4D film, played in the children's zoo, fed some animals, watched the feeding of the penguins (the neatest thing ever!), watched the sea lions perform, and explored the beauty of the rain forest. It was so nice to see the children soaking everything in and really taking notice of their surroundings.

If you are in New York you must spend some time in Central Park but also take a look at the zoo. It is so clean and pretty and just a lovely place to go into and walk around.

Manhattan is a magical place despite the crowds and heat and although my legs were cursing me out in a few different languages I am so glad we went on this adventure.

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Have you been to the Central Park Zoo? What were your pros and cons about it? If you would like to see some more photos of the day, swing by my Instagram!

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