Classic Cinema Spotlight: The Duke of West Point (1938)


I am not a big fan of critics. I mean they have a job to do and I get it but I always take a review of a film with a grain of salt. I do that especially with films because they can be interpreted in different ways and people do have different tastes. Don't get me wrong, sometimes critics are spot on but on Netflix I saw a few folks give this film some not-so-great reviews but I decided to go for it anyway.

I mean you don't know until you try it, right? I was happily not disappointed!

The Duke of West Point (1938) stars a very young Joan Fontaine and the dashing, Louis Hayward. I couldn't find much written on this film or many photos but I have to say one thing I did find, pure joy in watching it.

I really loved the plot of the unlikely military brat becoming the unexpected hero. It was a pleasure to watch the character of Steven Earley (Louis Hayward) journey from a arrogant man into a man of honor.

The Duke of West Point

A neat part of the film was that many former silent film actors took on supporting roles such as, Emma Dunn and Charles D. Brown.

If you would like to view the entire film you can watch it HERE on Youtube. It is also available on Netflix via streamline and available in Amazon HERE.

Watching a film about doing the write thing despite what people will say or assume about you is just wonderful. This is a feel good movie that will place a smile on your face after you have seen it!

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  1. Agreed, the views of most critics are to be taken with a hefty grain of salt and never placed over one's own gut instinct about a given film, TV show, book, etc. Just as one man's junk is another man's treasure, as the old adage goes, so to (within reason at least) can a film (etc) that didn't strike a chord with one person find great favour with another. If we all loved/hated the same things, after all, would we even need critics?

    ♥ Jessica


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